Best Swallow the Sun Songs

The Top Ten

1 Labyrinth of London
2 April 14th
3 New Moon
4 Falling World
5 This Cut Is the Deepest
6 Cathedral Walls
7 Hate, Lead the Way
8 Lights On the Lake
9 The Gathering of Black Moths
10 Hearts Wide Shut

The Contenders

11 Of Death and Corruption
12 Through Her Silvery Body

Such a beautiful, soothing & nostalgic intro, which can even transform a stone into a pearl...Impeccable amalgamation of intense and mellow part that I'm a huge sucker for... - Arhaan95

13 These Woods Breathe Evil
14 ... and Heavens Cried Blood
15 The Justice of Suffering

Should be in top 5! - Ananya

16 Too Cold for Tears

A fine combination of death and doom...
Needs more attention... - Ananya

17 10 Silver Bullets
18 Silent Towers
19 Out of This Gloomy Light

From their first and best album 'The morning never came'. If you haven't listened to that album yet, do it now!

20 Don't Fall Asleep
21 Hold This Woe

AH! This song is probably my current favorite Swallow the Sun song from their impeccable debut LP...This song reminds me of my all time favorite band Opeth...the melodic guitar riff plus the incredibly soothing soft vocals just thaws my heart like a melting ice and puts me to sleep... - Arhaan95

22 The Morning Never Came
23 Psychopath's Lair
24 Songs from the North
25 Plague of Butterflies
26 Gloom, Beauty and Despair
27 Servant of Sorrow
28 Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
29 Weight of the Dead
30 Hope
31 The Giant
32 Swallow
33 Deadly Nightshade
34 Silence of the Womb
35 Descending Winters
36 Forgive Her...
37 Night Will Forgive Us
38 Under the Waves
39 Fragile
40 The Ship
41 Ghost of Laura Palmer
42 Sleepless Swans
43 These Hours of Despair
44 Empty Skies
45 No Light, No Hope
46 Doomed to Walk the Earth
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1. Through Her Silvery Body
2. Out of This Gloomy Light
3. The Morning Never Came
1. The Justice of Suffering
2. Too Cold for Tears
3. These Woods Breathe Evil
1. April 14th
2. Labyrinth of London
3. Falling World


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