Best Swans Songs

This is a list of The best Swans songs. Swans are a band that formed in the early 80's and have been underrated their whole career. They are an experimental rock band.
The Top Ten
1 Screen Shot Screen Shot Cover Art

Not there best

The best song from the best album.

2 Oxygen Oxygen Cover Art

"To Be Kind" the album was disappointing after the Seer, but this song was amazing. Michael Gira goes vocally apeshit, and the music builds to the point of insanity, although retaining it's rhythm until about half a minute before the song finishes.

3 Helpless Child Helpless Child Cover Art

This is there best song by far

4 She Loves Us! She Loves Us! Cover Art

This song just builds up, it climbs and climbs, until it explodes into a beautiful rainbow of anger and sound, definitely their best. - SandersS16

5 The Sound The Sound Cover Art
6 Lunacy Lunacy Cover Art
7 The Glowing Man The Glowing Man Cover Art
8 I Am the Sun I Am the Sun Cover Art
9 Animus Animus Cover Art
10 She Lives She Lives Cover Art

The Newcomers

? I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull I Was a Prisoner in Your Skull Cover Art
? Killing for Company Killing for Company Cover Art
The Contenders
11 A Little God in My Hands A Little God in My Hands Cover Art
12 The Seer The Seer Cover Art
13 To Be Kind To Be Kind Cover Art
14 Love Will Save You Love Will Save You Cover Art
15 Sex, God, Sex Sex, God, Sex Cover Art
16 Bring the Sun Bring the Sun Cover Art
17 Beautiful Child Beautiful Child Cover Art
18 The Beautiful Days The Beautiful Days Cover Art
19 Stay Here Stay Here Cover Art

Best song from their best album.

20 Bring the Sun/Toussaint L'ouverture Bring the Sun/Toussaint L'ouverture Cover Art
21 YRP YRP Cover Art
22 New Mind New Mind Cover Art
23 All Lined Up All Lined Up Cover Art

This list is very biased for To Be Kind. - djpenquin999

24 The Apostate The Apostate Cover Art
25 Mother of the World Mother of the World Cover Art
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