Top 10 Swedish Inventors

Sweden had a scientific revolution in the 18th century that allowed technology to advance greatly. Here we see the gradual rise of new technology, just in time for the Industrial Revolution to start kicking off. To this day, some of the most successful corporations in Sweden are thanks to the works of great Swedish inventors, and if not for them, we wouldn’t have some great things we do now. So let’s take some time to commemorate the great minds of Sweden.

The Top Ten

1 Alfred Nobel

The famous inventor of dynamite. Also the benefactor of the Nobel Prize in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances.

2 Anders Celsius

A professor of astronomy who developed the Celsius/centigrade measurement. I think that should be easy to infer. - Archived

3 Gideon Sundback

The man who advanced development of the zipper, which he called the "Hookless Fastener". It was the first of its kind to drive away from using the hook-and-eye principle previously used for fasteners. - Archived

4 Johan Petter Johansson

The inventor of the modern adjustable spanner, otherwise known as the adjustable wrench. He also developed the plumber wrench.
Yeah, JP had a fancy for wrenches. - Archived

5 Gustaf de Laval

The man who contributed to the design of the de Laval nozzle (used for rocket engines), steam turbine, and dairy machinery. - Archived

6 Carl Richard Nyberg

An industrialist responsible for the blowtorch and old aeroplane he called the Fly. He also ran a company that designed paraffin oil cookers. - Archived

7 Per Georg Scheutz

A pioneer in computer technology, he made the Scheutzian calculation engine. This device could calculate numbers up to 15 digits and was used for creating logarithmic tables. - Archived

Wow. - Kevinsidis

8 Sven Gustaf Wingqvist

One of the founders of a leading ball-and-roller bearing makers. He invented the multi-row self-aligning radial ball bearing, which is intended to reduce friction between moving parts in machines. - Archived

9 Markus Persson

Smarter than most of us

Greatest man to ever roam this planet!

Video game designer, not inventor. - Archived

Not an inventor - darthvadern

10 Carl Munters

Alongside Baltzar von Platen, he invented the gas absorption refrigerator. He also created foam plastic, which was later rediscovered and is now released as styrofoam. - Archived

The Contenders

11 Gustaf Erik Pasch

A professor of chemistry that invented the safety match. By replacing white phosphorus with red, and creating a striking surface for the new match, Pasch created a revolutionary design that became successful decades after he first designed it. - Archived

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