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21 Jake Vargas and Bea Binene

21 really?! These two are perfect with each other. Jhabea for the win!

Fan nila ako

22 Khalil Ramos and Julia Barretto

Cute at bagay sila

23 Khalil Ramos and Sue Ramirez
24 Khalil Ramos and Sofia Andres V 2 Comments
25 Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Coco and Julia have great chemistry. They are comfortable when together and share a mutual bond. That it make people kilig.. If ever Coco will court Julia in the future they will be a perfect couple

Coco and julia they great couple

Coco and julia the perfect combination of love team in abs-cbn

The two are perfect match both in film and in reality I love you two so much

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26 Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado

No one beats mark and jen tandem!

I love their love theme. They are real on and off cam.

27 Jerome Ponce and Janella Salvador

They maybe have a role on "be careful with my heart" as brother and sister. But they they have a great chemistry too. Its more better than Marnella and Jerlaire. They can be a loveteam 'cause they're just siblings on the show, not in reallife. If you open your eyes and look at them well, I know you all will like them.

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28 Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano

The Tandem reminds of the young version of Sharon and Gabby. Awesome Chemistry

Sila and the best love team

Because I feel forever

They are my Greatest ADDiction..hehehe. SANA, MORE TELESERYE AND MOVIES TO COME^______^

V 9 Comments
29 James Reid and Nadine Lustre

"I hope that they are gonna win. They look so sweet, real, and comfortable with each other especially they play the role of Leah and Clark on 'On The Wings Of Love'."

One of the loveteams that will last forever...

The chemistry of this two is wonderful

I love you're chemistry

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30 Alden Richards and Yaya Dub

Best love team ever :) #aldubforever

Best Dubsmash couple ever

This is a loveteam that has the most unique storyline and the first one to do a "kalyeserye" in a noontime show. With the use of a very simple and accessible app (dubsmash) they brought their audiences that killing-factor without even trying too hard. They may not know each other off-cam but they seem to have that chemistry of a loveteam that has been together for years.

Unique? Bullcrap. It's totally predictable And they end it in cliffhangers which is predictable on what will happen in the end. It's what my classmates call
"Made in China" Fake.

V 4 Comments
31 Jairus Aquino and Sharlene San Pedro
32 Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel (MarNella)

They are definitely one of the sweetest pairs in showbiz right now, very simple and natural. You can easily feel their connection both are not only good actors but have great passion for music as well. Their history and close friendship account for their so called undeniable chemistry on and off screen.

One of the best loveteams ever because they so talented...

With their team up, you could feel that it's not gimmick. They are so supportive of each other and they are so natural, on screen and even off screen. Kilig to the max. Makes me feel young and in love again.

Marnella best pair!

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33 Nadine Lustre and James Reid

On the wings of love

Jadine is the most sweetest and hottest love team in the universe than maiden or aldub

Sweeter than candy talaga,!

The best loveteam ever! ❤️

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34 Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual
35 Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal

From the start I do love their love teams til now love yeh

36 Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin

Most Lovable of all time!

37 Tommy & Miho V 4 Comments
38 Alden Richards and Louise Delos Reyes

They have undeniable chemistry that makes everyone to relate, not just the young generation but the older ones too. Aside from their chemistry, their acting skills are excellent. They make everyone feel their roles.

I love their chemistry...they have screen shots that makes me smile and think of a special person in my life...they look good to each other and are loved by a lot of people...they serve as an inspiration to youth.

They are just natural to each other, they have this certain chemistry on and off screen.

There's a Maine

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39 Nash Aguas and Roxane Jabe
40 Julia Montes and Daniel Padilla (JulNiel)

I love both Kathniel and Julniel but if I had choose one I'd say Julniel. I hope that someday they can become a loveteam, that would be a dream come true. Then later down the line if they ever become single, them falling in love would be a bonus.

I love this couple. :) The original loveteam.

Hey can I just say nooo its complicated!

katNiel forever

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