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1 Eluveitie Eluveitie

I love Britcom!

2 Celtic Frost Celtic Frost Celtic Frost was a Swiss extreme metal band from Zürich. They are known for their heavy influence on extreme metal genres.

One of the original Extreme Metal bands. Them, along with Venom, are the inspiration of pretty much every extreme metal subgenre. They were very innovative. Raw, powerful, fast heavy metal. - ryanrimmel

3 Coroner Coroner Coroner is a Swiss thrash metal band from Zürich, formed in the early 80s. They have been called "the Rush of thrash metal" for their increasingly complex style of progressive rock-infused thrash. They garnered relatively little attention outside Europe .

Sophisticated, high class thrash metal. They're an old school Teutonic thrash band, but with great musicianship, technicality and progressive elements. - ryanrimmel

4 Triptykon Triptykon Triptykon is a musical project of Thomas Gabriel Fischer, founding member of the pioneering heavy metal bands Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Apollyon Sun.

Thomas Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost/Hellhammer)'s latest band. They are very original. It's like that proto-black/death metal of Celtic Frost with Gothic and Doom Metal elements. - ryanrimmel

5 Hellhammer Hellhammer Hellhammer was a Swiss extreme metal band from Nurensdorf, active during 1981–1984. They are regarded as a key influence on black metal, and one of the founders of death metal.

They are pioneers of extreme metal. Hellhammer is basically a Venom clone, and they weren't well received at the time. So the members disbanded and started a new band called Celtic Frost. Although they weren't popular at the time, many Black, Death, and thrash metal bands have stated Hellhammer as an influence. Mayhem's original drummer nicknamed himself after the band. - ryanrimmel

6 Messiah
7 Krokus
8 Fear of God
9 Darkspace
10 Gotthard

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11 Dreamshade
12 Vitrectomy

Trve Black Metal

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