Top 10 Sword Types

What is the best type of sword in our history? There are many great swords in this world. But if you were to take a rating depending on the best sword that could rely itself to be most effective in every situation, then what would you choose?

The Top Ten

1 Katana

I do martial arts and personally I prefer a quicker sword.

It can't slash as well as other curbed swords because it isn't curbed enough, it can't thrust because it's curbed, it offers weaker protection for hands than European swords, it's not flexible so it can break easier. Speed depends on the weight of the sword and human muscle mass, not on the design, so it just looks cool but it's worse than most swords on just about everything including the speed. - M111

Fast and powerful

I train in kung fu and tai chi, and I'm hoping to Iaijutsu and the Kenjutsu taught by the school Niten Ichi Ryu. The Katana is truly an amazing sword. It was made with hard steel on the outside and soft steel on the inside, this aloud to be strong and be able to absorb damage. Not only was it strong and absorbent, it was sharper than a razer. Plus the blade was at the right length so that it could be used at close range and also keep you opponent at a distance. All these reasons are what make the Katana a swift, precise, and efficient sword.

Katana, the first hardened clay steel chrome blade, from 91 cm to110 cm long, depending on how quick the samurai were, how tall and strong he was and how old and worn the katana with beautifully Hammon temper wave lines, the soul of the head hunting nobility being rewarded from lad gold, buildings and weapons captured to slaves, royal marriage promises, court position, titels, tasks, work, Armour, services, goods, tank etc by how Manny and which, novice, son of, brother to, best, general and geeraly the status based on the batell skills of the dead wuch were returned to the dead body and family with a letter with the tale about whom the slayer were and how brave, or not, the dead samurai Nobel were, what his killer knew about the dead one and his, or her family, if he fought well, who killed him and what reward the death brings the he'd cutter, and how long the fight etc, when Japanees ancient army's clashed, it was more lots of duells than a large mass, and who others the slayer cut ...more - Dkaythan

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2 Scimitar

I think it is the best because its easy to slice things with

Easier to handle and mastered

3 Rapier

Throughout history the argument has always been between the point and the edge. While I admire and like the Katana, a well made rapier in trained hands I find to be a superior weapon.

I'm not an expert but I have done some research. The rapier is faster than any other sword and longer than most. Slashing is a very inefficient form of killing. The rapier specialises in thrusting. Its strength of being light is also its weakness. Not very good at blocking or delivering much of an impact.

Having a speed and reach advantage is what makes the rapier the best sword. You can't fault it on lethality either. Many people seem to favour the katana despite it being a slashing weapon which, again, is not very good at killing. It also isn't as light as you might think. The longsword would be a flat out upgrade. I'd say the rapier and longsword are on par. I only chose the rapier out of personal opinion. The longsword has the force, the rapier has the speed. Your call.

4 Broadsword

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I'VE all ways prefered the type XVI because of its thrusting ablity is matched by it's cutting due to it's excellent diamond poi t section and lenticular"body", especially if it s A 32inch

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5 Claymore

A Giant blade only the strongest and most skilled warriors may hope to wield.

6 Falchion

It takes more time to swing a katana. An unknown fact

7 Longsword

Great for almost any situation. Unlike a katana the edge won't roll when presented with any armour whatsoever, and is effective against those who are not conveniently wielding the same type of sword and wearing leather armour only.

Seeing as historically speaking katanas where made of iron so if you were to strike your opponent's sword straight on your sword would snap I have no clue why the katana is at the top

Sounds like I'd be using this a lot - Plantera

I favor longswords over other types mainly due to their sheer adaptability. They are effective in virtually any combat scenario, from armored duels to bandit ambushes.

8 Ulfberht

Fast light and strong

This is exeptional. You can use it against so many armor types. It's extremly flexible, light weight, perfect balance and perfect shape. Sure the Katana may be a good sword, but it's not really that effective against many types of armor. It's not really so practiacal to use either. And you cannot use a shield. - Raxez

are tried and true

9 Machete

It the best in the up-date

10 Saber

Saber = best

The Contenders

11 Cutlass

I don't understand why this sword didn't reach top 10, when this sword is a jack of all trades. I know this is not best in slashing or stabbing but this sword is an all rounder. If we are put in a Hunger Games(sword only edition) situation, this sword will really shine.

12 Sable Sword

Favorite sword

13 Khopesh

Overall great for combat and usage outside of combat

God of swords in my op

14 Roman Gladius
15 Talwar

One of the finest Sabres in history. it is a lot faster than two-handed swords such as the katana. - KevinNelson02

I think it best sword. it has great deadly look and one handed,faster and comfortable and handy.

16 Yatagan

Yatagan is known as the most effective sword in battles

A sword that cuts well but extends forward to reach your opponent without you having to reach far. It would be the lovechild of a tomahawk, a sabre, a machete and a kukri


17 English Longsword
18 Kukri

The kukri or khukuri is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete.

It is the main weapon of ghorkas, those dudes, take out a limb in one swoop with this thing, Honorable as well, check em out!

19 Kilij
20 Shamshir
21 Zweihander

Bigger is better y'all

22 Falx

Dangerous as hell it was widely feared

23 Flamberges
24 Gladius

Basically a spear head on a sword hilt, used by the Romans. - FrozenHatingPokefan

25 Bastard Sword

How was this not on the list!? Move over katana there’s a new sword in town, the bastard sword otherwise known as the hand and half is by far the best sowrd, you can use one hand to slash and use two for that little extra bit, when in one handed mode it has that extended grip below your hand that gives it the extra cool factor. It’s blade is straight so it doesn’t have a weird curve that prevents you from majestically stabbing your sword in the ground and it sticking straight up, or kneeling with your sword making you look like a noble knight, I could go on about how this sword is better then every other sword but for now I will let it climb the boards as it becomes number one sword.

26 Estoc
27 Basket-hilt Claymore
28 Falcata
29 Small Sword

Lightest, most balanced and fastest of all swords and also a variant called the foil is still used today in sport competion as being the fastest and most accurate. They can only stab the torso to gain points seeing as how it's so easy to hit limbs

Don’t you mean a tantō

30 Cinquedea
31 Short Sword
32 Nodachi
33 Backsword

It's a bit like a straight saber. I encourage you to look it up.

34 Jian
35 Xiphos
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