Top 10 Sword Types

What is the best type of sword in our history? There are many great swords in this world. But if you were to take a rating depending on the best sword that could rely itself to be most effective in every situation, then what would you choose?

The Top Ten

1 Katana

The only sword mad from steel sand combing weight and strength

Good balance and generally a great sword with a lot of history

The katana and all swords are master killing weapons when wielded correctly
No arguing that

Wow. We have a lot of neckbeards here. Hurr durr katana best sword :/
Also Saber is better in almost every way other than you can’t really two hand it. - RaidenRain

2 Scimitar

Possessing this saber is irresistible. The joy of having this saber.. It is beyond your realm of comprehension.
Whenever I imagine this saber as my bride.. It replies "It was just a reflex, Okay! We're not going to the prom together..
It's a beaut.

These Kind of Swords usually used nano silver in the make of them. Which make them have high durability and lightweight at the same time. Quite impressive for such and old sword

Although it is not the best at stabbing, for its weight and size you will not find a better sword for slashing.

I think it is the best because its easy to slice things with

3 Rapier

Obviously the neckbeards with their precious Katana would be in first place. But this is the superior sword. It could be blocked by light armour you say? How often do people actually leave home with armour on?

Too unsustainable. Can be blocked by moderate or even light armor easily.

The Ideal one on one dueling weapon. With a long reach and protective guard, this sword is worth much more than it's given credit for.

Throughout history the argument has always been between the point and the edge. While I admire and like the Katana, a well made rapier in trained hands I find to be a superior weapon.

4 Broadsword

Okay. The term "Broadsword" is vastly misused. A broadsword is a Scottish basket hilted one-handed sword. What most think of when they hear "broadsword" is a bastard sword or a particularly long arming sword. The word was used historically a little bit to describe the chinese dao and dadao, but that was rather uncommon.

Be real, be atheist.

I'VE all ways prefered the type XVI because of its thrusting ablity is matched by it's cutting due to it's excellent diamond poi t section and lenticular"body", especially if it s A 32inch

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5 Claymore

It's a really well made weapon. In my opinion, it's way better then the Katana in many ways,

One of the biggest,longest swords. Belived to be the sword William Wallace used. Great chipper.

This is the sword equivalent to a gau-8 avenger cannon. These things were intended to do massive damage and took a lot of muscle to heave and cleave. Personally my favorite.

A Giant blade only the strongest and most skilled warriors may hope to wield.

6 Falchion

If I was to get a sword this would probably be it since it is a one handed weapon which would give me more reach and has a very awesome design

It takes more time to swing a katana. An unknown fact

A Falchion is much better for dual-wielding than a Katana

The limb-hacker's favorite

7 Longsword

Thinner and not as cut-oriented as the katana but also has a slashing edge that if well sharpend can rival the katana. It delivers less effective cuts, although it isn't any less strong/tough assuming good steel and heat treat (as the destruction testing of the Atrim Swede has proven beyond a doubt). It is lighter than the claymore, katana, making it more agile. It also has a more protective guard, which protects the hands more.(you also don't have to bother with the pinky grip.) It is one of the best thrusting weapons. A good thrust to the face, throat, hands or feet can end the fight in very short order. It has the reach advantage over most swords, which is nothing to sneeze at. Tip slashes can be delivered faster than most swords and at a longer range than the katana. In my opinion the longsword is the perfect mix between power and speed.

Longswords are made to allow the greatest use of either the tip or the edge. The edge is good for destroying armor and the point is good for going right through armor. While it is big and has a decent amount of weight compared to katanas and rapiers, the weight gives it more power. I think it is the best sword if you want a sword you can wield in more than one way.

I really don't understand how this sword is so low on the list. It it is objectively the best sword out there. It easily beats out the katana. Historically, they were extremely durable and made of really good steel. It is also probably the easiest sword to learn making it deadly in the hands of almost anyone. And unlike most other swords, the entire longsword can be used as a weapon, and their are countless different methods and martial arts for the longsword that show just how versatile the sword is.

Great for almost any situation. Unlike a katana the edge won't roll when presented with any armour whatsoever, and is effective against those who are not conveniently wielding the same type of sword and wearing leather armour only.

8 Saber

It's a katana that is longer and doesn't allow you to lose your hands. I've used both and the saber is much better

They can cut better than Katanas, and are excellent in the thrust, they are light, well balanced and have had 200 years worth of rigorous battle testing, they also, unlike most in the top ten, provide adequate protection for your wrist and due to angulation, the fore-arm, also they do not restrict wrist motion giving them some of the best rotational cuts.

Sabers were the apitomy of swords perfect length and weight could be used for stabbing or slashing on foot or on horseback one handed used in the American Civil War and still used today with dress uniforms.

Simply the best

9 Machete

I own several machetes and can verify that they are fantastic for cutting the plants both in my backyard and the preserve behind it. Also effective against stray cats/dogs and neighborhood children

It the best in the up-date

10 Khopesh

Pretty yet Primitive design. One of the reasons for the fall of the Egyptian empire.

Khopesh should be in top 10. I mean this is a weapon of the Egyptian gods granted to humanity. Scientist have proven it could cut through amours like butter then. Was one of the main reasons why Egypt dominated the Mediterranean.The weapon was specially created such that when it enters your womb, it bring your insides out when drawn from the stomach. It was also created to easily disable people with shields.

It was a weapon meant to disable shields and it worked. When stabbed with It, that's your end because it brings your liver, intestines, lungs etc outside. Make sure it isn't drawn ouf. It was pretty advanced tech at that time.

Best sword ever created nice and curved and also light weight

The Contenders

11 Cutlass

An all rounder, cuts well... And you can sort of stab with it. Its good for for confined spaces such as corridors, boats and in the thick of melee, good hand protection and pretty stylish to boot

I don't understand why this sword didn't reach top 10, when this sword is a jack of all trades. I know this is not best in slashing or stabbing but this sword is an all rounder. If we are put in a Hunger Games(sword only edition) situation, this sword will really shine.

12 Roman Gladius

For over 1000 years this was the main battle weapon that forged the greatest empire in history. Strong, fast and a devastating slasher and stabber this was certainly the founder of the bloodline of the cutlass, saber, scimitar and the list goes on and on. Maybe the most important sword type in history.

Look at History

13 Ulfberht

These swords were so far ahead of their time that we are only reached the ability to understand and recreate these magnificent swords recently. These swords had a incredibly high carbon content but not so high as to weaken the sword. This is quite possibly the highest quality swords ever produced.

The high grad Damascus steel and the heavy yet light design make this one of the best. It is also designed to be used in relations with a round shield and an axe. This sword paired with a tough enough viking can shatter almost any other blade on the list. On top of that it requires the least amount of training on this list so most warriors can pick it up and cleave you in two with minimal effort.

Fast light and strong

This is exeptional. You can use it against so many armor types. It's extremly flexible, light weight, perfect balance and perfect shape. Sure the Katana may be a good sword, but it's not really that effective against many types of armor. It's not really so practiacal to use either. And you cannot use a shield. - Raxez

14 Talwar

Like the man says these guys that wielded them we called the best swordsmen

Proper comfort for wrist and lighter and faster than a Katana.Its just that the Katanga happens to be more popular

History has been the best argument for the talwar. Sikhs aren’t considered elite swordsmen for nothing.

One of the finest Sabres in history. it is a lot faster than two-handed swords such as the katana. - KevinNelson02

15 Sable Sword

Favorite sword

16 English Longsword
17 Kilij

It is destroy everything.

18 Bastard Sword

Stab, slash, switch between one hand and two. Two edges for back cuts, and you can pommel strike as well. The king of swords.

Versatile as hell!

Versatile and a power house. What’s not to love?

How was this not on the list!? Move over katana there’s a new sword in town, the bastard sword otherwise known as the hand and half is by far the best sowrd, you can use one hand to slash and use two for that little extra bit, when in one handed mode it has that extended grip below your hand that gives it the extra cool factor. It’s blade is straight so it doesn’t have a weird curve that prevents you from majestically stabbing your sword in the ground and it sticking straight up, or kneeling with your sword making you look like a noble knight, I could go on about how this sword is better then every other sword but for now I will let it climb the boards as it becomes number one sword.

19 Shamshir

The curvature of this sword can let to attack from angles which your opponent does not expect. versatile one which allows you to use it both while you are on hoarse or standing. Sharp point and the angle of the tip allows the best penetrance. Partians stand against Roman invasion and stopped them in the east by means of that.

20 Kukri

Still in use today that right there says to its effectiveness. An it does great in the woods

The kukri or khukuri is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete.

It is the main weapon of ghorkas, those dudes, take out a limb in one swoop with this thing, Honorable as well, check em out!

21 Flamberges
22 Zweihander

Bigger is better y'all

23 Estoc

Can break one's defense and poke through armor because of the rock solid blade.

24 Falx

The Flax is superior to Katana and has been proven to penetrate armor. Was the weapon Romans feared the most because it made their armor obsolete. The Dacians who used this weapon were much lighter armorless and more mobile.

Dangerous as hell it was widely feared

25 Yatagan

A sword that cuts well but extends forward to reach your opponent without you having to reach far. It would be the lovechild of a tomahawk, a sabre, a machete and a kukri

Yatagan is known as the most effective sword in battles


Underrated so much that no one realized that this thing is a better slasher than katana. why? the unusual blade side is deliberate, so you can wield it like an axe. damn weaboos speak louder than a guy who is capable wielding an actual sword!

26 Hook Swords

Used in Chinese martial arts

good for big fish


27 Greatsword
28 Jian

The real authentic one is high density with flexibility in bending while having light weight. It is razor sharp in both edge to cut and pointy end for quick stabing. The Jian have been a king of sword in long history of war between kingdoms such japan, korean, india, middle east, thailand and even europe. The Mongolian even change to Jian after they penetrate China capital and took over as ruler

29 Xiphos
30 Short Sword

Even though short as the name indicates, this blade paired with a knife or dagger would be alright. Maybe even a secondary short sword of the same size or close to it.

31 Nodachi

I own a nodachi, a katana, an arming sword, bastard sword, ninjato, and a roman gladius. The nodachi is my favourite by far. It's just so imposing and makes you feel powerful when you hold it. It's gargantuan. It comes up to my nose. I'm 6 feet tall. The zweihander may be bigger overall, but the nodachi has a bigger cutting edge. The claymore may weigh more, but the nodachi is more agile and maneuverable. It's my favourite battlefield weapon of all time.

It's the world's largest great sword, and it can knock just about anyone off balance, it's quick, light for its size, and it's the big brother of the katana

32 Falcata
33 Small Sword

Lightest, most balanced and fastest of all swords and also a variant called the foil is still used today in sport competion as being the fastest and most accurate. They can only stab the torso to gain points seeing as how it's so easy to hit limbs

Don’t you mean a tantō

34 Gladius

Basically a spear head on a sword hilt, used by the Romans. - FrozenHatingPokefan

35 Zulfiqar

It's a very famous arabian sword it's a BEAST and when you see it trust me you will bust a nut

Master of All

36 Backsword

It's a bit like a straight saber. I encourage you to look it up.

37 Wakizashi

Little brother of the katana

38 Arming Sword

Very traditional.Very useful when used with a buckler.

39 Basket-hilt Claymore
40 Cinquedea
41 Aruval

Anything that's unarmoured or lightly armoured is as gone. Has the ability to dig very deep and overall is a better version of the khopesh. Very underrated to be honest.

Used in Indian mostly in south parts as deadly weapon in major conflicts
Very effective when it comes to beheading the opponent

42 Epee
43 Bayonet

Essentially a short sword that can also be mounted on to a rifle.

44 Scottish Broadsword
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