Top Ten Sylosis Songs

Sylosis, a band from Reading, Berkshire in England who share a lot of thrash and death metal influences in their music, also throwing some melodic doom/sludge in there too.

(I just listed ten songs that came to mind, not a solid list until other people get involved).

The Top Ten

1 Leech

While it's a more simple song compared to many others they've done, it carries an intense dreaded atmosphere with it.

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2 Victims and Pawns

The most different sound Sylosis have had to start an album off, carrying on from Where The Wolves Come To Die and it has some amazing riffs to hit it out of the park.

3 Swallow the World

Sorry to the After Lifeless Years fans, I personally like this song best off Conclusion Of An Age.

4 Empyreal

A strong change from the fast stuff they've done, along with an amazing breakdown.

5 Servitude
6 After Lifeless Years

Probably one of the most solid tracks Sylosis have done.

7 Dystopia

I love the overall sound that Edge of the Earth had, and Dystopia to me is one of the stronger songs off the record with a nice epic feel to it.

8 A Dying Vine

Arguably the heaviest and fastest song they've done that encourages moshpits everywhere.

9 Sands of Time

That intro to me is very iconic.

10 Where the Sky Ends

This is my favorite song. Perhaps one of the greatest instrumental songs of all time.

One of the best instrumental songs I've heard period.

The Contenders

11 Born Anew

To me, one of the more unique songs Sylosis have done with the kickass riff.

12 Indoctrinated
13 Reflection Through Fire V 1 Comment
14 Teras

Intense vocals, brutal riff, and crazy leads. What's not to love?

The song that made me fall in love with this band. Also one of the most underratedd metal albums of all time.

15 Overthrown
16 Apparitions

Stand out song, absolute masterpiece of an album!

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