Top 10 Best Synonyms for "Happiness"

For all those people down in the dumps, hopefully this list may help by overloading your brain with so many positive words that you will suddenly have an urge to hug your annoying sister. What word is the best synonym for “Happiness”? Why?
The Top Ten
1 Cheerfulness

Now, you are in a very good mood, and other people notice it. You are noticeably happy and optimistic. It will take a lot to make you depressed or angry in this state of mind.

Ms cheerful pleasure Grins me mom

not as good as they say

2 Contentment

Most people are like this half the time. The other half is when you're the sad version of content, so not very sad, and there are the few odd occasions where you get extremely happy or sad.

This basically means: “a state of happiness and satisfaction”. Kind of a 7.5 on the happiness scale. You’re just chilling, content with life.

I don't have long to live. I will be commiting suicide in 3 hours and would do almost anything for just a taste of contentment

3 Pleasure

A feeling of enjoyment is what pleasure means. More of an 8 on the happiness scale.

Me most of the time.

It can mean a lot of things. hehehe

it's polite and a word for happiness what do you excpect?

4 Merriment

Ah, merriment. Now we’re getting very happy. You are loving life, and enjoying it. Around an 8.5 on the happiness scale.

5 Delight

Even happier than merriment, and this is a nice word to say, too. Not too crazy happy, but a 9. This may be my personal favourite.

I am DELIGHTed to see this list.

6 Glee

Glee is kind of creepy sometimes, and sometimes you might start shrieking with delight and scare all your coworkers. Sometimes there’s too much of a good thing. A 9.5 or so on the happiness scale.

Like the movie?

7 Jubilation

I’m not sure if anyone ever really feels this. It is probably around a 9.9 on the happiness scale. You’re so happy that happy, delight, merriment, elation, pleasure, contentment, cheerfulness, bliss, and even glee can’t describe you. You need a whole new word for it. You normally only feel jubilated for a couple seconds.

Jubilation is hardcore happiness. I'm gonna try to be Jubilated.

8 Joy

Basically just another word for happy, except more of a feeling than a move. You aren’t “joy”, you feel joy.

9 Bliss

So blissfully happy, kind of like an alternative to glee, this is more peaceful and you don’t express it as much. You might feel this while being massaged, or eating something delicious.

10 Elation

You ever heard the term “elated”? That’s basically this.

The Contenders
11 Gayness

Oh look it's Votebotingsucks most hated word! Lets spam this word on his account!

A popular meaning for happy until the 60s when it turned into well... homosexuality.

12 Gaiety

This isn't used much anymore, and sadly saying it might have people snicker at you for stupid reasons, but a long time ago it was almost as popular as happiness itself.

13 Exuberance

This means veeeery happy.

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