Top 10 Synthwave Songs

Top songs for time travel to the wonderful 80's neon world.
A nostalgia for the time we've never known.

The Top Ten

1 Vampires - The Midnight

My first love since I discovered synthwave,still feels the same when I heard it for the first time. All of my friends loved it,unattached to the genres they like. This song is written by aliens.I'm sure of it. And that synth though... - ninnilist

2 Wild Ones - FM-84

So emotional,yet catchy and uplifting song. Never heard anything like it. - ninnilist

3 The Man Who Made a Monster - Dance with the Dead

The greatest horrorsyth ever. - ninnilist

4 Stars of the Night - Dynatron

Dynatron is the specialist for this space-travel themed songs. It's a real travel through the stars. - ninnilist

5 Connection - Scandroid

Catchy melody,so much synth so much energy. Amazing song. - ninnilist

6 Road - Niky Nine Road - Niky Nine

Amazing energic sound,for the times you're driving through the night in your Lotus Espirit car. In the 80's,of course. - ninnilist

7 Bad Dream Baby - September 87

Now that's the 80's spirit! This song sounds like it's the catchiest hit from '87. - ninnilist

8 Atom & E.E.V. - Scandroid

An instrumental beauty from the king of this genre. - ninnilist

9 Red Eyes - Zombie Hyperdrive

A synthwave instrumental for those long roads at night. - ninnilist

10 Magic - FM Attack

Really magical song. Makes you wanna drive underneath the palms and sing this song from the top of your lungs,at sunset. In 1983 or so.
Kristine's voice makes it more like it's been recorded back then. - ninnilist

The Contenders

11 So Far Away - Lazerhawk
12 Eden - Scandroid
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