Top Ten System of a Down Songs with the Strangest Lyrics

Here are some of the System's songs with the wackiest and strangest lyrics.

None of these songs are bad, they're great actually! It's just the lyrics are incredibly strange, which is what makes System of a Down such a great band.

The Top Ten

1 I-E-A-I-A-I-O

This song's lyrics flip flops between all kinds of activities like meeting John Dale, picking peppers, and fighting crime. Not to mention that Serj Tankian sings the tongue twisting verses INCREDIBLY fast. And the bridge is nothing but Serj naming random things! Very fun song that's a great challenge to sing along to. - NikBrusk

I knew this would be #1. I've never really undestood what Serj was doing in this song. Pretty good song anyway. - cjWriter1997

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2 Sugar

This song contains kicking his girlfriend, hiding in a room, getting a gun from Sako, playing Russian roulette, which Serj calls a "man sport", and getting chased. The end is intense as well. This is a crazy and strange song, which is why I love it. - NikBrusk

3 Cigaro

The genius behind this song wrote it about how their sausage was bigger than others' and how their crap smells better than others'. As well as smoking cigars! Nothing else to say. I feel like a gay idiot headbanging to this song. - NikBrusk

4 Chic N Stu

If you love pizza, this song is for you. The song's content is filled with ordering and eating pizza, as well as the toppings! Pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, chives. Don't forget needing therapy either. - NikBrusk

It's weird to think that this song is a stab at commercialism. All I know is Serj likes a lot of stuff on his pizza. - cjWriter1997

5 B.Y.O.B.

Out of all the songs on this list, this one is probably the one that makes the most sense, which, if you listen to it, doesn't really mean much. Appearently, everybody is going to a party and blow up the sunshine, as well as break into Fort Knox and get fed lies from a tablecloth. Kneeling roses also disappear into Moses' dry mouth and hangars that are sitting dripped in oil will cry "Freedom! ". Why did they send the poor? To write a song like this. - NikBrusk

6 Deer Dance

In this song, Serj sings about how pushing weak people and little children around is wrong, as well as invisible police, doing a deer dance, and how you can see America beyond the Staples Center. - NikBrusk

7 CUBErt

This song is about how Serj wants to become a fallen ruby, how humans everywhere are canned, and how cliche people can't dare and how their organs are rare. A pyramid mind f word is exactly what this song is. - NikBrusk

8 Jet Pilot

Serj's horse is a shackled old man. Its eyes were wired too, and it smiled when it flew over the bay. Interesting. - NikBrusk

9 Suite-Pee

Wanna listen to this song? Well be prepared to die for female Jesus's philosophy, f word your way through a garden, and lie naked on the floor and let the messiah go through your souls. Ouch. - NikBrusk

10 Bounce

Oh we know what Serj means by Pogo stick...

What? He likes to jump around on it with his friends. Get your mind out of the gutter, you sick freaks. - cjWriter1997

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11 Chop Suey V 1 Comment
12 Bubbles

This song is supposedly about living in a bubble jungle and having a power struggle. There's also fish that don't drown and frowning. Weird. - NikBrusk

13 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song
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