Top Ten System of a Down Intros

The best musical intros before the singing begins from System of a Down.

The Top Ten

1 Chop Suey!

It's the best song of system of a down. The rhythm is great. The drums ar amazing. The voices of the singers are cool. The lyrics are awesome. Its almost the best song I've ever heard.

The most epic and the best intro of all time. All of the music in this song is just perfect. - moose4life19

2 Toxicity

Should be number 1 its way better than chop suey, drums are amazing. - dragon13304

Like this list suggest, this song has the best intro. You can't right off the others, but this is my favourite.

3 Aerials

The guitar sounds strangely exotic. - moose4life19

4 Holy Mountains

The intro lets you know right away that you are going to hear a song unlike any you have ever heard before. Simply amazing!

5 B.Y.O.B.

I LOVE the beginning of this song, it just makes you want to listen to rest, this is a brilliant song and I love the intro and why doesn't my post reach minimum quality?

6 Cigaro

One of their most heavy intros and in the top 3 best intros. - moose4life19

7 Lonely Day
8 Question!
9 Prison Song

Best one by far! It's the heaviest intro. You just put the CD, and immediatlyPAN!... And then the noise begins!

C�'MON! Seriosly, I mean the first time you hear this song your like 'what, why did it stoped' Its awesome!

10 Revenga

The Contenders

11 Radio/Video

One of the best intros

12 Nuguns
13 Boom!
14 Psycho
15 X
16 Hypnotize
17 Lost in Hollywood
18 Sad Statue

That riff in the beginning combined with the awesome bass is just mesmerizing and truly unique, should be in the top ten!

19 She's Like Heroin

It's a list for intros. This has the best intro - and such an underrated sonng

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