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1 RĂªve: The Dream Ouroboros

The world of the game is a Dragon's dream. This metaphor of the role-playing itself allows to imagine an infinity of differents universes where the player usually has to understand the paradigm which maintains the Dragon asleep so that he keeps dreaming the world.

As well as different stories often interfere, the different dreams (worlds, universe) can interfere ; there are rips between them, and the character can from a world/dream to another sometimes without noticing it.

Just like a sleeper has only partial control over his dreams - why would we have nightmares otherwise ? - the dragons do not completely control their creatures and worlds. The dreamed creatures, the characters you play have the possibility to modify the dream (the world) itself ; this is the source of magic called highdreaming. As Highdreaming disturb the sleep of the Dragon, it is risky and usually forbidden because the awakening of the Dragon would involve the end of existence. - Toshin

2 Dungeons and Dragons

I love this game more than most video games. - Feirceraven

I play this game. It's pretty fun.

3 Pathfinder
4 Call Of Cthulu
5 World Of Darkness
6 Star Wars
7 Gurps
8 Fate
9 Savage Worlds
10 Traveller

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11 Dread
12 Warhammer 40,000
13 Warhammer
14 Top Secret
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