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41 Woe, Is Me

Hell Or High Water

To me, they are #3.

42 Adept

Awesome band! Especially their older stuff. Highly recommended to check them out!

43 Hail the Sun
44 Misery Signals Misery Signals Misery Signals is an American-Canadian metalcore band formed in Wisconsin in 2002. The sound of their music is defined by bright melodies backed up by odd time signatures, chugging riffs, and breakdowns.
45 Counterparts
46 I The Mighty

The most talented post hardcore band I have heard in years. Up and coming band... They are Gods amongst men.

47 Fugazi

If you've heard the albums Repeater and Red Medicine and know literally ANYTHING about post-hardcore punk and what that means, then you'll understand Fugazi was at the top of the game. Actually, they WERE the game for about 10 years. If you don't have an hour to check out the albums, take ten minutes and listen to Repeater's "Turnover," "Merchandise," and "Two Beats Off." Then go listen to the whole thing, because you've just had your mind blown. With their latest album, the Argument, they are STILL pushing borders. Check out to the song "Life and Limb" and then listen to something from - I don't know - Mice and Men.

Or, if you skipped to the end/want the point already, here it is. The compilation titled "13 Songs." Pick any song you want off this; it doesn't matter. Fugazi reigns.

Fugazi are the only real "post-hardcore" band here. Their songs tackle different subjects and not the same thing like Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil (who are no more than power-pop by the way).

Are they not one of the first post-hardcore bands? They pretty much define the genre.

A day to remember should not be number one and fugazi needs to be ranked higher!

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48 Dream On, Dreamer
49 InDirections
50 Hands Like Houses

I love Hands like Houses A LOT and they should be in the top 20 at least. They are a great post hardcore band. Look up A Fire on a Hill.

My favorite band ever! They deserve to be #1. Look up their song A Fire on a Hill. Completely amazing band.

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51 Miss May I

Miss May I Is Awesome! They have a great blend of clean singing and screaming. Their bassist is the singer which is pretty rad also! They have evolved tremendously from their first album! Check out their single "Hey Mister"

52 Upon This Dawning
53 Four Year Strong

Great, catchy mix of pop-punk and post-hardcore, both guitarists do a great job, their music sounds like it's been made at some party. Also their drummer is pretty skilled.

54 Our Last Night

Our last night are so amazing how are they not rated better

The best cover band and metal band I know

Love there new album younger dreams

Too underrated

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55 The Venetia Fair
56 While She Sleeps
57 All That Remains
58 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Their song so catchy...

59 Chicosci

Proud to Be Filipino :D

From nu metal to post-hardcore.

60 Eyes Set To kill

Eyes Set To Kill, a perfect combo of beauty and music that touches the soul, so why are they only at rank 40! 1

The best hardcore/metalcore, eyes set to kill my favorit band, by Endre 07.

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