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81 Saosin

I don't think they should be number 1 (Fugazi probably deserves that honor), but Saosin was something very special. I'm not sure what their legacy will be, or if they'll even have one, but "Translating the Name" is a post-hardcore gem. I get that in the same way that "emo" became this all encompassing genre for all things My Chemical Romance-esque, post hardcore has come to include a number of bands whose music doesn't actually fit the mold.

Like emo music, someone really dropped the ball and took elements that aren't even evolutionary products of post-hardcore and labeled them as post-hardcore (i.E. The Devil Wears Prada et. al). This doesn't make them bad, just not a real member of the genre.

The bands who legitimately fall into the post-hardcore category (i.E. Thrice, Alexisonfire, Underoath, etc. ) were bands I grew up listening to as a teenager. I don't really care for any of them anymore, and that's not to say that my current taste is infallible.

But I see ...more

This mans drumming is impeccable. The syncopation in his fills and through out the song is something to truly admire and aspire to get to that point one day if you are drummer.

Seeing these guys down here loses my hope in post hardcore's current fanbase

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82 Poison the Well

Beast. Grow some balls you wimps.

83 Emery

Amazing lyrics and musicality is original much more than some of the generic bands that are higher on this list.

84 Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I use to listen to this band a lot, it should be higher on the list. The vocals are good, there songs speak to me.

Remember when Pierce the Veil opened for these guys? Now PTV's #2 and SKSK are #86. wow

85 Wolves at the Gate

One of the best Christian band. Spreading the word of God with this kind of music? That's unique.

Seriously one of the most underrated bands out there! super meaningful songs with an amazingly heavy sound. love these guys!

86 From First to Last

From First to Last is an American post-hardcore band based in Valdosta, Georgia, originally coming from the Los Angeles Area and Tampa, Florida.

The band released their first EP titled Aesthetic in 2003 followed by Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count in 2004 and Heroine in 2006, both with vocalist Sonny Moore. Following the departure of Moore in February 2007 to work on his solo electronic project, Skrillex, the band added permanent bassist Matt Manning, and Matt Good moved to lead vocals/guitar.

From First to Last have one of the best albums I have ever heard, "Heroin" is one of those records that hit you deep.
Its kinda old but if you have the time heard some song of that album, that will take you to a amazing trip.

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87 Outline In Color
88 Hopes Die Last

A very good band should be a lot higher

89 The Fall of Troy The Fall of Troy The Fall of Troy is an American post-hardcore band from Mukilteo, Washington. The band is a trio consisting of Thomas Erak, Andrew Forsman and Tim Ward who was later replaced by Frank Ene following his departure from the band in late 2007. Ene would remain in the band until their initial break-up in more.

F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. is one of the most adrenaline pumping songs ever made.

How are they not higher, I mean really.

Seeing TFOT so low tells me that there's a clear difference between popularity and influence.

My favourite band of all time. Doppleganger is a masterpiece of musicianship.

90 Texas In July

These guys are amazing they should at least be in the 20's common guys this is terrible

91 Heartist Heartist Heartist is an American rock band that started in Southern California in 2011. They formed in early 2011 after guitarists Jonathan Gaytan and Tim Koch left their band, found Bryce Beckley, who had also left his band, Evan Ranallo and Matt Marquez, who was playing with Norma Jean.
92 Elenora

This is one of the best upcoming bands out there, you should really check them out if you enjoy clean vocals

93 Vanna
94 Stick to Your Guns

What the heck people? Not even top 30?! Stick to your guns is an amazing band!._.

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95 Parkway Drive Parkway Drive Parkway Drive is an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, formed in 2003. As of 2015, Parkway Drive has released five full-length albums, one EP, two DVDs, a split album and one book, titled Ten Years of Parkway Drive.

Parkway drive at 233?!?! Really? This band is like the definition of hardcore... If you haven't heard them then you have to try their songs people...

This band needs to be much higher up in the rankings.

What? Parkway drive deserves at least 2nd position.

96 Greeley Estates

Granted, Greeley Estates is not a post-hardcore band, but it is a straight-up metalcore band (borderline deathcore with the release of No Rain, No Rainbow). Greeley Estates is incredibly talented, yet so under-rated. Catchy hooks and haunting lyrics and melodies characterize G.E. 's music as Ryan Zimmerman's screams (which range from sounding like a feral animal to puking his guts out) carry the band with a unique and interesting sound. Definitely one of the best bands out there.

97 Weightless In Waiting
98 Hawthorne Heights

Started the damn genre...

99 Crown the Empire Crown the Empire

This is a truly underrated band that deserves MUCH more popularity. Their new album The Fallout has an awesome musical theme that includes an interesting intro with various uses of orchestral instrumentation in songs such as Menace. They bring very high quality instrumentals to the table with an awesome clean vocalist and outstanding harsh vocalist. The Fallout and their earlier album Limitless are definitely worth checking out, I HIGHLY recommend this band to anyone looking for amazingly great music.

Wow. Just wow. Not only should this 100% be in top 10! It should be #1... So under-appreciated, HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE looking for good music... They may be newer, but COME ON. Fantastic.

Crown the empire may be a newer band but 47 come in guys they are just plain amazing from the screams to clean vocals and there songs have so much put into it and they are absolutley amazing live! Listen to them trust me!


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100 Story of the Year

How are these guys down here better then half the garbage in the top 10 for starter they arnet even post-hardcore bands, unlike SOTY sort this list out

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