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121 Dead Rabbitts

Amazing! Thank you craig!

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122 The Blackout
123 Scarybox
124 Straight Line Stitch
125 Lacrimas Profundere
126 The Art In Desire
127 Heroes and Villains

Best band ever even if they did break up Zuhayr's vocals are amazing. If you haven't heard of them look them up in YouTube.

128 The Air I Breathe
129 The Seeking
130 Life On Repeat
131 Fit for a King

This band is absolutely an amazing band. Their vocals are amazing. The guys are very sweet and down to earth. They are everything I look for in a band. They should be number 1!

132 Story of the Year
133 Sky Eats Airplane
134 The Sleeping
135 Oh, Manhattan
136 Before Their Eyes
137 That's Outrageous!

What is That's Outrageous! Doing down here! Heck no! Deserves to be way higher up, oneof best newest original band out there right now!

138 Imora
139 Ivoryline
140 We Are the Ocean
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