Most Talented Voice Actors On South Park

The Top Ten

1 Trey Parker Randolph Severn "Trey" Parker III is an American animator, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and composer.

Stan, Cartman, Mr Mackay, Mr Garrison, Randy Marsh and a few others - CrowdedChisel

He is actually really good at singing. I applaud him for that. - MoldySock

He can do so many funny voices - OneWayStreet

2 Matt Stone

Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Big Gay Al, Gerald Brovlofski and a few others - CrowdedChisel

He is 2nd best easily - OneWayStreet

3 Mary Kay Bergman Mary Kay Bergman, credited on the first three seasons of South Park as Shannen Cassidy, was an American voice actress and voice-over teacher.

Pretty much every female character until 1999 - CrowdedChisel

4 April Stewart

Almost every female character (except Kyle's mum and Butters' mum) from season 7 onwards - CrowdedChisel

5 Eliza Schnieder

Same as April Stewart but from late 1999- season 7 - CrowdedChisel

6 Mona Marshall

Kyle's mum and butters' mum from 1999 to present - CrowdedChisel

7 Isaac Hayes
8 Vernon Chatman
9 Adrien Beard
10 John Hansen
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