Top 10 Talespin Characters

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1 Rebecca Cunningham

A bit pushy but considering that she's trying to run a business despite Baloo being her best and only pilot he tends to slack on the job its understandable.

She may be a type A control freak, but considering all the madness going on can you really blame her?

2 Don Karnage
3 Molly Cunningham

She's adorable

4 Louie

Baloo's good friend and owner of his own place in the middle of nowhere.

I like him better than the film version

5 Baloo

The best pilot of Cape Suzette and despite the fact that he tends to slack on the job and get involved in a lot of get rich quick schemes that usually ends with him going bankrupt he does carry out his delivery's none the less.

Our #1 protagonist!

6 Shere Khan

Stays true to the original film character with a modern update

He has the exact style of the film, and I really love in the film.
This is a very underrate character in an already underrated T.V. series.

7 Kit Cloudkicker

He's cool

8 Dumptruck
9 Wildcat

A role model for aspiring mechanics

10 Mad Dog

The Contenders

11 Thaddeus E. Klang
12 Colonel Spigot
13 Katie Dodd

She's strong, sassy, and voluptuous

14 William Stansbury

His character arc was tragic and heartbreaking

15 Whistlestop Jackson

He really is a legend

16 Rick Sky

A great hero who seeks to reclaim his honor

17 Joe Magee

The best minor character in the series. Watch The Old Man and the Seaduck and you'll see why he's such an amazing person

18 Buffy Vanderschmere
19 Muffy Vanderschmere
20 Crazy Edie
21 Seymour
22 Inspector Burrow
23 Barney O'Turret
24 MacKnee
25 Daring Dan Dawson
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