Top 10 Best TaleSpin Episodes

The best episode from the Disney cartoon TaleSpin a weird spin-off series staring Baloo from the Jungle Book as a pilot as he goes on a series of adventures by delving cargo or treasure hunting all while fending off against Don Karnage and his air pirates.

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1 Plunder & Lightning

The four part pilot whcih introduces the main characters Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca as well as the Don Karnage and the other air pirates as they attempt to stop Don Karnage from using a very powerful jewel to blast into Cape Suzzette and destroy the city. - egnomac

2 A Bad Reflection on You

After reviving an award from Shere Khan for being the best pilot in the world he lets it go to his head and accepts a mission from Khan for the Master Run a dangerous route in which none of his pilots have ever returned from when they get there they find out what really happened to the pilots Don Karnage and the air pirates using actual mirrors to confuse them and take their cargo even worst Baloo finds out he was just a tool used by Khan in order to locate the place and becomes incredibly depressed while Kit attempts to convince him to get them out and stop Shere Khan's ships from falling into Don Karnage's deadly traps. - egnomac

3 Mommy for a Day

Molly befriends a mysterious flying creature known as an Ikara who becomes big when wet and shrinks when dry but things are made even difficult when MacKnee the poacher who captured him tries to recapture him. - egnomac

4 From Here to Machinery

In an episode simailr to the DuckTales episode Armstrong an inventor invents a auto pilot machine to drive planes and deliver cargo without any distractions this of course threatens to put not only Baloo but every pilot in Cape Suzzette out of work so a race is determined between Baloo and the Machine with the jobs of every pilot in Cape Suzzette on the line Baloo loses and Shere Khan impressed decides for the inventor to make more effectively putting all pilots out of work however because the Machine is solely focus on flying the plane it's unable to defend the cargo which Don Karnage and the air pilots take full advantage of this and it's up to Baloo to save the day. - egnomac

5 For Whom the Bell Klangs

The closest this series has come to Indiana Jones epicness - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

In this two part episode Baloo and Louie while on vacation run into an archaeologist Katie Dodd who's looking for the lost city of Tinabula and decide to help her and not surprising a villain by the name of Thadeos E. Klang is also searching for the city for his own sinister plan. - egnomac

6 Her Chance to Dream

The most moving, thrilling, and saddest episode of all. Surprised that Disney chose to tackle something so heavy. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

Touching & ahead of its time, this episode focuses on the conflict many single parents face when forced to choose between their own happiness and that of their children.

Louis's place becomes haunted a ghost and Baloo and Louie flee leaving behind Baloo's cargo and Rebecca forces them to return when they get their they meet up with a mysterious sea captain she instantly fall for him but as Baloo and Louie discover he's a actually a ghost and they attempt an exorcist but is stopped by Rebecca who doesn't want them to ruin her dream but then Baloo reminds her of her daughter Molly who's waiting for her not wanting to leave Molly she finishes the exorcist and frees his spirit. - egnomac

7 A Touch of Glass

Lesson is don't make stereotypes based on social class - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

Rebecca attempts to cater to a much richer clients and meet Buffy and Muffy a rich couple who ask them to deliver their jewels for them and put up the SeaDuck up as collateral if they fail to deliver them however Blaoo suspects that something is not right with them and of course Rebecca don't listen after making a stop at Louis place the jewels goes missing and according to the policy they now take the SeaDuck however Louie revelas to Rebecca that Buffy and Muffy are actually crooks who swindled them realizing that Baloo was right she and Louie team up to stop them. - egnomac

8 On a Wing and a Bear

After his piloting licence expires Baloo is forced to get it renewed but to his horror his examining officer turns out to be Mr. Throgmorton Baloo's old driving instructor who's strict ABC checklist makes Baloo so nervous that he fails and losses his confidence and even worst every place he tries to get work he continuously runs into Mr. Throgmorton who continuously makes him do everything alphabetically and ends up getting fired and all his friends attempt to remind him of how great a pilot he is and get his confidence back to retake the test. - egnomac

9 Polly Wants a Treasure

Baloo and Kit come across a parrot Ignatz who claims to know the location to the treasure of his master Captain Juan too but Baloo refuses to listen as he has to deal with Rebecca charging him for a shipment of broken crystal glass which was destroyed by the air pirates who were actually looking the treasure chest of Captain Juan toomany which contains the map to the treasure unaware that the Ignatz was the treasure map, so Kit and Ignatz goe to search for the treasure only to run into Don Karnage and the pirates and Baloo and Ignatz have to put aside their hatred for one another to rescue him. - egnomac

10 Flight of the Snow Duck

It's a bird! It's a plane! - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

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11 All's Whale that End Whale

While fishing Baloo and Kit discover a whale and after learning that it escaped from a local water park and the owner offering a big reward for his return they managed to return him and reclaim the reward but when they go to visit the park they find it in horrible condition and the all the animals including the whale are horribly mistreated they end up using the reward money to help free the whale while also exposing the cruel owner to an inspector. - egnomac

12 Whistlestop Jackson, Legend

The talk scene (after the seaduck gets repainted) is the best part - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

13 Flight School Confidential

Kit enlists in a foreign flying school with sinister agendas - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

14 Molly Coddled

That speedboat chase was cool - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

15 The Sound and the Furry

Baseball! Home base! - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

16 The Old Man and the Sea Duck

Easily the best episode. Baloo gets amnesia and a mysterious pilot helps him rediscover his love of flying. Won't spoil anything, but the ending was so emotional that it made me cry. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

17 Jolly Molly Christmas
18 Destiny Rides Again
19 Bygones

An amazing episode about Baloo meeting a disgraced pilot who supposedly committed a crime, and now fights to clear his name - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

20 Louie's Last Stand
21 Stuck on You
22 My Fair Baloo
23 For a Fuel Dollars More
24 Vowel Play
25 Mach One for the Gipper
26 The Road to Macadamia
27 It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck
28 Baloo Thunder
29 Double or Nothing
30 In Search of Ancient Blunders
31 Sheepskin Deep
32 Pizza Pie in the Sky
33 Your Baloo's in the Mail
34 Captains Outrageous
35 Last Horizons
36 Paradise Lost
37 Bringing Down Babyface
38 Save the Tiger
39 Feminine Air
40 The Incredible Shrinking Molly
41 Jumping the Guns
42 A Baloo Switcheroo
43 Ransom of the Red Chimp
44 Stormy Weather
45 War of the Weirds
46 Gruel and Unusual Punishment
47 Bearly Alive
48 The Time Bandit
49 I Only Have Ice For You
50 Time Waits for No Bear
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