Top 10 Best TaleSpin Episodes

The best episode from the Disney cartoon TaleSpin a weird spin-off series staring Baloo from the Jungle Book as a pilot as he goes on a series of adventures by delving cargo or treasure hunting all while fending off against Don Karnage and his air pirates.
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1 For Whom the Bell Klangs

In this two part episode Baloo and Louie while on vacation run into an archaeologist Katie Dodd who's looking for the lost city of Tinabula and decide to help her and not surprising a villain by the name of Thadeos E. Klang is also searching for the city for his own sinister plan.

2 Her Chance to Dream

Touching & ahead of its time, this episode focuses on the conflict many single parents face when forced to choose between their own happiness and that of their children.

The most moving, thrilling, and saddest episode of all. Surprised that Disney chose to tackle something so heavy.

3 Plunder & Lightning

The four part pilot whcih introduces the main characters Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca as well as the Don Karnage and the other air pirates as they attempt to stop Don Karnage from using a very powerful jewel to blast into Cape Suzzette and destroy the city.

4 A Bad Reflection on You
5 A Touch of Glass
6 Flight of the Snow Duck

It's a bird! It's a plane!

7 Mommy for a Day
8 Whistlestop Jackson, Legend
9 From Here to Machinery
10 Flight School Confidential

Kit enlists in a foreign flying school with sinister agendas

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11 The Sound and the Furry
12 Molly Coddled

A jewel thief Covington woos Rebecca in order to try an get his hands on a valuable artifact that has ended up in Molly's possession.

13 The Old Man and the Sea Duck

Easily the best episode. Baloo gets amnesia and a mysterious pilot helps him rediscover his love of flying. Won't spoil anything, but the ending was so emotional that it made me cry.

14 On a Wing and a Bear

After his piloting licence expires Baloo is forced to get it renewed but to his horror his examining officer turns out to be Mr. Throgmorton Baloo's old driving instructor who's strict ABC checklist makes Baloo so nervous that he fails and losses his confidence and even worst every place he tries to get work he continuously runs into Mr. Throgmorton who continuously makes him do everything alphabetically and ends up getting fired and all his friends attempt to remind him of how great a pilot he is and get his confidence back to retake the test.

15 Bygones

An amazing episode about Baloo meeting a disgraced pilot who supposedly committed a crime, and now fights to clear his name

16 Polly Wants a Treasure
17 Jolly Molly Christmas
18 All's Whale that End Whale
19 Louie's Last Stand

Baloo and Kit help Louie defend his place from Douglas Benson who has forged Khan's signature to get his men in taking over Louie's place.

20 It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck
21 For a Fuel Dollars More
22 Vowel Play

Rebecca starts a sky riding business despite the fact that Baloo being a terrible speller, they then unknowingly become accomplices in helping a crime syndicate deliver secret messages via sky writing and when the feds get involved they use Baloo to help them prevent the crime syndicate from causing destruction in Cape Suzette.

23 A Baloo Switcheroo
24 Destiny Rides Again
25 In Search of Ancient Blunders
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