Top 10 TaleSpin Villains

The top 10 villains from the Disney animated television series TaleSpin.

The Top Ten

1 Don Karnage

The Main villain of the series and leader of the air pirates who constantly causes trouble for Baloo and his friends. - egnomac

He looks like a good villain

Nobody loves me

2 Shere Khan
3 Wan-Lo

The emperor of Panda-la from the banned episode "Last Horizon" who ends up invading Cape Suzeete thanks to Baloo's carelessness. - egnomac

4 Trader Moe
5 Thaddeus E. Klang
6 Daring Dan Dawson

From the episode Stormy Weather who lures Kit to being part of his show which involves doing dangerous stunts in the air, Baloo is skeptical about all this not wanting Kit to be part of Dan's show but Kit ends up going with him anyway only to find out that Baloo was right about this guy as Dan keeps all of the money Kit earns only giving very little and then later forces Kit to do a very dangerous stunt which involves rings set on fire. - egnomac

7 Buffy and Muffy Vanderschmere

Appearing in the episode "A Touch of Glass" Buffy and Muffy present themselves to be a rich couple and have Baloo and Rebecca help deliver their jewels to a safe location with the condition if Baloo should fail to deliver them safety they would get the deed to the Sea Duck, however it turns out the pair are actually a pair of crooks posing as a rich couple with fake jewels which they purposely got rid of in order get the deed to the Sea Duck. - egnomac

8 Professor Martin Torque

From the episode "From Here to Machinery" who invents a robot who can pilot a plane and never deviate from its destination which threatens to of put every pilot including Baloo out of work, Baloo agrees to a contest with his robot for the future of all pilots at stake Professor Martin's robot wins resulting in him winning over Shere Khan allowing him to mass produce more pilot robots which puts all the pilots out of work however the professor makes one major miscalculation due to the robot pilots never deviating from their destinations they are unable to defend the cargo from air pilots. - egnomac

9 Seymour

From the episode "All's Whale that Ends Whale" who runs a very poorly run aquarium theme park and is abusive and negletful of all the other sea animals at his park and gets Baloo and Kit into returning his whale who escaped from the place, and upon actually seeing the place Baloo and Kit realize they made a big mistake in returning the whale. - egnomac

10 Kitten Kabootle

From the episode "A Star is Torn" as a very beautiful actress who after Baloo saved from on set accident invites him and his friends to Hollywood to take part in her new movie however Rebecca finds out that accidents have been plaguing Kitten's latest movie all caused by a mysterious figure who is causing the accidents and when Rebecca captures the stranger she is shocked to find that the one behind all the accidents was Kitten Kabootle herself who is purposely causing these accidents for publicity due to her last few movies bombing she is willing to endanger the lives of countess people in order to keep herself in the spot light an she even sabotages the plane in which Baloo is going to fly for the movie. - egnomac

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11 Mad Dog
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