Top 10 Best Tamagotchi Characters

You Know, I Like this Series Called Tamagotchi. Many of The Characters are Cute Looking. But Who are the Best of the Best? Though Tamagotchi isn't that Known on TheTopTens. So Little to no Remixes are Unsurprising.
The Top Ten
1 Mametchi

Mametchi is Easily Without a doubt, the Best Tamagotchi. I mean He's Sometimes A Jerk, But that's Okay. He's also Really Smart as Well. Even During the Vintage Era of Tamagotchi, He's Often Cited as the Smartest on the Planet Along with is Counterpart, Mimitchi.

He is cute and extremely iconic.

2 Mimitchi

Like I Mention on Mametchi's Part, Mimi is Equally as Smart. Though Quite Overlooked in the Newer Series (Thanks to Oversaturation of Lovetchi and other Modern Gotchi), She's Quite a Smart One. And Quite Funny as Well. Especially on the Gameboy Game. Not to Mention, She's the one who Always Breaks the 4th Wall. So it's Garenteed that She Would be Much Higher than The "Overrated" Modern Gochi (Such as Lovetchi)

She’s smart, cute and has a really simple design. It’s kindansad that she’s overlooked nowadays.

3 Memetchi

What's this? An Upside Down Orange Pear? (Don't be Rude!) Memetchi is Another Mascot. and the Only one Who's Modern. Though She's Mostly on the Hypersensitive Side. and Can't Take Even the Slighted Form of Judgement. (So TheTopTens is Not the Site for Her) Not to Mention Her Name is Diverted From The Term "Beautiful Eyes". Oh, and Let's Not Forget her Bootlegged Form: ORANGE BRONZE MEMETCHI!

She is just so adorable with those eyes and her body shape is so much like an orange wow she is sooo cute I don't know what else to say about her but she is certainly adorable :3

4 Kuchipatchi

Now on to What Could Possibly be the Most Dumbest Tamagotchi, he's Fat and Rather Nice and Not that Hypersensitive. So He's Pretty Much Snorlax as a Tamagotchi. and Thankfully he's Not as Overshadowed As Mimitchi.

5 Princess Tamako

Basiclly Peach, But Better. She's The Princess of the Tamagotchi. and is One of the more Nice Tamagotchi (Especially in Comparison to Makiko, The Rudest of the Gotchi). But Hey, At least she Doesn't do a Lord Rataxes (A Villain From Babar) and Sends you into a Prison.

That Looks like a Disney character.

6 Lovetchi

Here we have what is an Example of a Actully Decent "Mary Sue". Heck, She's also a Superstar and is Basically Tamagotchi's Steven Spielberg or Walt Disney. Depending on What you Choose. Though my only Problem I have is that she's constantly overshadowing others who Desperately Need the spotlight (Such as Princess Tamakoko, Mimitchi and to some Extent, Her Family). She's also a bit of a Mary Sue as Well. Though not as Much as Chole Carmichael From The Fairly Odd Parents or Ash From Pokémon.

7 Spacytchi

I don't Beleve in Alliens! Well, You're Already One. LOL! This Tamagotchi is Pretty Funny and Is Even Similar to Those Comedic Disney Villains. And His Evil Plan? To Take over the Planet!

8 Babytchi

The First Tamagotchi Discovered. And with out This One. We Wouldn't have Any other Tamagotchi and this List Would Pretty much be nonexistent.

9 Butterflytchi
10 Princess Tamakoko

Princess Tamako's Younger sister. She's also a Good Tamagotchi. Though not as Major (Especially With That Mary Sue (Lovetchi) Around), She's Pretty Cute an Reminds me of Kikitchi (The Yellow Monkey Guy). And Be glad we got her Instead of a Baby Princess Tamako. That and Metal Mametchi Would Be Horrific!

The Contenders
11 Kikitchi

Now Remeber What I Talked about in Princess Tamakoko's Section? He's Equally as Cute and Adorable as Her. I Mean Small Yellow Monkey! Even if We Have King Kong, Primeape, Donkey Kong, FUNKY KONG, and Other Well Known monkeys and Apes, He Is Still a Good Tamagotchi.

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