Top Ten Tamar Braxton Music Videos


The Top Ten

1 All the Way Home

Still her best video to date the concept was everything and she had her husband in it - MalikGeddins

2 Angels and Demons

I couldn't choose between this and All the way home it was unexpected and great - MalikGeddins

3 If I Don't Have You

At first I didn't get it,it just looked great but after knowing the meaning its one of her best video - MalikGeddins

4 The One

The video matched the song great summer vibe - MalikGeddins

5 Let Me Know

The video really didn't have a concept but it was great - MalikGeddins

6 Love and War

Played the video a thousand times in a row - MalikGeddins

7 She Can Have You

I love the concept and story for it - MalikGeddins

8 If You Don't Wanna Love Me

I loved it throwback video - MalikGeddins

9 Get None

The video was ok - MalikGeddins

10 Hot Sugar

Great Song but hot mess video - MalikGeddins

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