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1 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

A masterpiece this song is a trip to another world, one of my favorite song ever

This is easily the best song of the 2010s so far. Probably the best song of the 21st century. Screw that, it's one of the best songs ever written. - PetSounds

This song is best but bohemian rhapsody is the greatest of all time no all centuries - Swagath

2 Let It Happen

A good sign that their next album will be awesome - willminns

I am surprised nobody has mentioned this song. Amazing song, amazing music. With this type of song, I can bet on them they'll beat all others just like floyd and zepp did in their era!

An amazing song, it will be much more better if you listen to this song while you're high. just wow. epic song. that's all

3 Elephant

The second half of this song is just superbly awesome. Which doesn't mean the first half is bad. The first half is great too. It just shows how great this song is. - Kiteretsunu

This is a Masterpiece!

This song is my life.

4 Apocalypse Dreams

Definitely my favorite song by Tame Impala, just listen to 2:58, love that breakdown

This song is like happiness and euphoria flowing through you. Experiencissng it live in concert was like not even being on this planet anymore

5 Mind Mischief

What?! This should most definitely be at least two or three, this song is AMAZING!

Makes you think of that one special girl.

6 The Less I Know the Better

With such great songs Tame Impala will be one of the best bands of the 2010s.

Happy to have this rock/pop song in this decade.

What a beautiful song! Must reacht the top 5!

7 Solitude is Bliss
8 Why Won't They Talk to Me?
9 Half Full Glass of Wine

Incredibly underrated, great bassline throughout

10 Sundown Syndrome

number 1

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11 'Cause I'm a Man

One of the most amazingly made songs ever

12 New Person, Same Old Mistakes

17th? You gotta be kidding me. This is one of his best songs! Go listen, because obviously the only reason it's so low is because people haven't heard it apparently. - Dorito

How is this so low? Masterpiece! - Donut

It's a good one

Best song ever rawr xDxD

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13 Expectation

This song was the first of their songs I heard. Hooked me right in.

14 Ludicity
15 Keep On Lying

Best trippy song

good song

16 Be Above It
17 It Is Not Meant to Be

This is the best tame impala song!

That bass line though

18 Endors Toi

so amazing - MikaBeeWall

19 I Don't Really Mind
20 Alter Ego

How is this so low?! This should AT LEAST be top 15-20 let alone 37. A lot of people would put this in the top ten, even NME did

Probably the nearest someone will ever get to 'A Day in the Life'...

Crime against humanity. Best tame impala song.

Wow.. this song is so underrated! THIS THE BEST SONG OF XXI CENTURY SO FAR!

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1. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
2. Elephant
3. Apocalypse Dreams
1. Apocalypse Dreams
2. Keep On Lying
3. Elephant
1. The Less I Know the Better
2. Let It Happen
3. Elephant

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