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1 Star Vijay

Good thinking. People of fed up with sun T.V. serials. Invariably all serials portray ladies in bad light. Though the lead roles are projected as the best in the world all other supporting characters are abusing the lead character with filthy languages. That too in our society what we do not want our next generation to forget SUN T.V. is doing good service to keep such feelings fresh among the future generations. T.V. is for good education and funny life not at the cost of 50% of the population. Stop this nonsense.

I love star vijay and all other star network channels. This is the best entertaining channel in Tamil, sun T.V. only telecasts serials and some shows copied from vijay T.V. ,and some channels only show dubbbed serials, but vijay T.V. shows dubbed serials, its own serials and fantastic shows and I'm one of greatest fan of your channel. And all your anchors are really great and super, keep on rocking vijay T.V. !

Worst channel most of them are copies I don't like this channel. Most of the programs which they telecast were one of the old programmes which was telecasted by the west people. The way people dresses and harassing speech exposes seduction into society. This channel is not suited for family audiences. The ultimate COPY CAT of Tamil CHANNELS.

Top most channel which gives best programs... This channel brings out the talent of the public. Then anchors... Chance less... DD akka, gopi anna etc. Dubbed serials, Tamil serials, entertainment programmes like neeya nanna, kofee with dd... Mind blowing... Expecting more entertainment programs... Because vijay T.V. has more innovative ideas... Then kitchen super star... Innovative idea...
Vijay T.V. rooockkksss... Rocks

2 Sun TV

As far as the msg is concerned, Vijay is owned by a foreigner... The channel which gives the programme, which sometimes is irrelevant to watch, double meaning and not to be seen especially the dance shows and all otherwise, it will create a story in reality show and make the parents cry and the child to cry... Truly speaking, Sun is the best choice in Tamil... No other go, it has good programmes and good choice of watching... It is the only one channel viewed by many, many Tamils... When compared to Other Channels... Sun is the First and Best channel to Watch, and is suitable to all age groups... I love Sun T.V...

We (tamil people) always support sun T.V.. Sun T.V. is classy in its content, quality in its technology and it is the people's channel. Some channels may be liked be some family member and not by the others. But if you want to have a common fun time among all the family members and in festival occassions / family get together, it is definitely possible only via Sun T.V..

All their group channels like K T.V., Adithya, Sun Music etc are become part and parcel of tamilnadu's life style. That is why they are still in No. 1 position as per BARC Ratings for a long time. Though it is limited as a particular Regional Channel, it tops over all other channels even above English & Hindi Channels.

Now they have started new reality programs (I think 3 forthcoming programs on sunday) which may be better than Vijay T.V. / some other channels. Vijay T.V. gets popularity only because of Reality Shows, and now its popularity gets down that is also only because of such Reality Shows. False ...more

We can't see a worst channel like this running a serial without a proper story. It is a copy cat which copies vijay T.V. shows like vijay tele awards... Owner of this channel really does not have any brain or sense... Telecasting the dump programs... May be those stories will be taken from dust bin. Then the dump serials are always crying... Artists are really gone mad to act in the serials.

Nonsense T.V. can't be accepted as 2 place... It should not be in the top list

Actually sun T.V. should be number one because none of the serials in this channel are copy cat serials while other channels are copy cating other language serials. This channel gives oppurtunity to thousands and thousands of people who are willing to prove themselves in acting and introducing lots of new faces. As I said before the other channel is repeating the faces wheather they are contestants or actors, but sun T.V. gives opputunity to lots of new faces only based on talents. So, sun T.V. always rocks.

3 Puthiya Thalaimurai

Good innovattion thinking from this channel... When PT T. V came lot of changes in Govt as well as Govt Oficers. Hands off.. am really love this channel... when you came News channel industry all other Indian news channel got fear including Sun Network. People believe you, (Corruption) Govt & (Corruption) Govt officers are will have fear with you because of your truth.. This success for your truth
From your side Need to change one thing: don't spend over time of adverts itwill irritate. I believe it will change..
God Bless your Team.

Watch this channel, you can realize how politician made our state very bad. Most of the news channel hiding the real truth to get the benefit of their party but Puthiya thalimurai delivers the exact news, I like very much

Channel is politically neutral, there is more room for performance improvement for programme anchors. programme anchors should Learn from Thandhi T.V. programme anchors (MR pande & Mr Hari haran) on how to improve the questioning quality towards political leaders.

Awesome. I am in USA and always watching thru online. Really I like Nerpadapesu and the way of present news.. its neutral channel because that I like very much. Congrats.. keep doing well.. Make more Social awareness. Really this the way to develop India..


4 Zee Tamil

I think the voting isn't updated recently.. because this channel had massively dominating other tamil channels by past few months.. Hope its management might had changed. I was an vijay T.V. fan... But becos of d irritative repeatition of films had switched to zee which has gd game shows as genes.. Interesting and non-partial reality shows... Wit deserving contestants and jury... Even film sounds fresh wit less ads... Long way to go dear ZEE... Keep it up

Zee Tamil CID serial is awesome. I like the most as each and every episode gives real scenario of investigating and forensic investigation and evidence. And the most important is the outstanding translation in Tamil and outstanding voice modulation of each CID characters. HATS OFF!

The programs are awesome... Serials also very good... Keep rocking and enternaning us lik the same...
Actually I m crazy on vijay T.V... But now I m into zee tamil... Thanks for your channel... I want this channel to be in number one position...

This is the best channel, because there are wonderful and talented from poor and they got new life in Zee Tamil, and becpme stars in various places ,this is the only channel who takes and give life for tge society, Sun T.V. and Vijay T.V. is not good to see,. Examples of people of Zee Tamil who got new life and now they are big stars, Kamal, Thisathana, Reshma, Arun, Kathir, jeevan, vithursha nad so many, is the best channel ever

5 Sun Music

It is most well known channel all over the world! I like watching songs in sun music. It has reached its zenith!

All the Anchors of Sun Music are very talented. Always plays my favourite songs in HD quality. Love to watch it.

Wow my favorite and it's my hobby watching sun music... I love it...

Try some reality shows for attracting more youths than now.

6 Discovery Tamil

I am really blessed to have this wonderful channel in Tamil.. The dubbing artists are doing an outstanding job that sometimes I forget that I am watching an american channel programs.. Believe it or not, this is the only channel that I watch these days except when there is interesting sports (cricket, f1, football) going on live in tensports or star cricket.. As I mentioned above the work done by the dubbing artists is above excellent I don't mind watching the repeated programs.. They pronounce the tamil in a different level that I love to hear them again and again. Needless to say about the intensity of programs the channel offers.
Man vs wild, destroyed in secs, untamed & uncut, dual survivours, full force nature, under the deep blue sea, wonders of life and many many more...

I am really happy to watch discovery Tamil cause they build a good programs that are really nice to watch. I am always in search for discovery channel whenever I am upset... Thanks for the channel for telecasting, also in Tamil cause its dubbing works very well... Good job guys... !

It's a great pleasure to watch this channel in the world's most ancient and beautiful language - Tamil. Heartful thanks for discovery team to bring this in Tamil. Keep up the good work.

I like this channel very much. I am awaiting for long time like discovery channel in Tamil. But simple it not possible. Discovery Channel fill the space...

7 K TV

Don't Play the Repeated Movies. Play Some Classical hit movies or award winning movies.

South India produces hundreds of movies each year, please air them. don't repeat the movies. Please indicate if its repeat.

It is a good Chennai who ever like to watch movies any time...

Please provide new T.V. shows

8 Adithya

Good channel but avoid more advertisement. because when I am starting to see jokes lot of ads are take place

Makes my day very interseting.. When I am depressed, My first choice would be Adithya.

When I on the T.V.. The first channel Adithya

Super T.V. in world
Min stop comedy only

9 Kalaignar TV

Good depth of news transmitted
Newscasters have good knowledge.
Tamil people issues discussed very well in depth.
Not only script is in Tamil but news too is about Tamil and Tamil people.
Superb Indian and Tamil channel

I can't imagine how the people of the world especially Tamil speaking will feel,if both kalagnar T.V. and sun T.V. are disturbed by back side enemies. If the laws show mercy or strict to anyone let it be same as Before Law none is above


Even through its political T.V. it has a neutral news and good stand for Tamil it

Super programs in all

10 Polimer TV

The channel contains good picture quality and the serials shown in this channel are so good, it dosen't matter it is dubbed serials, but the channel is more entertaining for people to relax themselves in their day to day busy life. Keep rocking.

Worst Tamil channel always telecasting the dubbed Hindi serials... Watching this kind channel is waste of time... Even they didn't bring any kind of reality shows till now...

I love polimer. They play Hindi dubbed serials. It was amazing. Keep playing Hindi dubbed serials.

Your programmes are veryawesome! Classic, polite, richness, esp madhubala serial, its dubbing remixing with Tamilflavours is very good!

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11 Jaya TV

Jaya T.V. is the one and only channel with cultural responsibility, which giving importance to make the obediant society, by telecasting the good useful programs including old classical movies and old songs. These programs never consists of any vulger scenes.

Superb tamil T.V. channel in tamil nadu. This is the number 1 tamil channel now. Almost 50lakhs cableTV connections are given by JAYA T.V.
And also now it telecasts 3 films per day. People likes this channel very much including with me

Biased news, mostly they would do edits in their movies according to their conditions. They wont play the full movies. Poor visual quality.

The most and popular entertainment tamil channel. Now (agust-2013) it has become THE number 1 CHANNEL in tamil media. It telecasts superb programs and films.

12 Thanthi

Top quality Tamil news channel. Their way of presentation is unique. Must watch Tamil news channel.

All saying only truth.

Truth news for every peoples.

I proud to say good channel...

13 Raj TV

Best channel... Their hindi dubbed programmes are awesome..

Please play some good recent movies.

Jesus call is good

The best serials like Beintehaa and Rangrasiyain Tamil was only possible by Raj T.V.. The longest running Balika vadhu Hindi serial in Tamil

14 Makkal TV

One who passionate about Tamil language, Culture, Arts, Farming and activities related to Tamil should see this channel.

This channel is Tamil traditional and they are not expecting profit. I'm very proud to watch this channel.

All Tamilians must be proud to see/watch this T.V.. They are running good without Cinema/serials are to be appreciated.

Thisw is the only channel in Tamil, it care about our culture and our formers. The programs are very useful for all but you put other T.V.'s in firs t.. I t shows about our Tamilans character's.. They are forgot our Tamil culture, nowadays Tamilans only knows about cinema's and related things

15 Captain TV

All shows are super. ? , Especially cinema interviews, Chinna chinna Asai interact with public, Engeyum samaiyal, are super... Please public want video quality

Best entertainment channel without serials in India.

Please improve the quality of video pictures.

Captain T.V. serial in programs super

16 Siripoli
17 SS Music

I'm really missing the channel. Very good entertainment channel for people who understand Tamil and English.

Here no ss music

18 History TV18 Tamil

Very interesting channel with so many interesting programs. My favorite is Ancient Aliens.

It's really a super channel. I like very much for watching this channel..

Good channel indeed. Giving best experience on whole.

It's a super channel. Excellent programs telecasting for young generation

19 Pudhu Yugam TV

Recent times they are doing wonderful Tamil pattimandram shows. Specially Ayutha pooja & Diwali Special pattimandram is great. Pattimandram production is awesome.

Very Good entertainment channel of now a days

Nice programs they done for young stars

20 Lotus News

News they presenting in nutshell. Good to watch. soon it will beat all other news channels

The channel express news is nice there are given 1 hour 100 news. Nice

It's a very Good news channel.

Express 100 news is like reading Malai murasu, dhina thanthi, dhina malar, malai malar, dhina karan etc all in a row. Excellent... like a sara vedi in deepavali. covering film news, political news, national news, international news, health tips, beauty tips and more and more. Keep it up. I regularly watch and advise others to watch this express 100 news...keep it up.

21 Sathiyam News

A decent Christian channel, focusing on both Christianity and worldly happenings. Good and encouraging programs.

They given very interesting information.

Absolute perfect news.

Real news channel.

22 DD Podhigai TV

PODHIGAI educates and informs the public awareness close to the people but the rest of the channels entertain.

Dear Friends,
Please Watch "Vaanavil Vaazhkai" Every Saturday on 10:10 pm. Super program. It is Philosophical program. It will be surely helpful for living our life. Also Watch Sadhguru's Speech on DD Pothigai. I think the program name is "Aasaipadu Adainthuvidu".

This is cahnnel was taken a agriculture news and society relation news for DD Podhigai...

Good channel, this is the only channel care all people. no politics and censored programmes

24 Jaya Plus

Funniest news channel in entire Tamil. Always runs behind amma. They change news every 2 days. Very poor.

Now they giving new

25 News 7 Tamil

Really this is a good Channel, which is not seeing partiality in Political.

Really super.. great job

World' best news channel

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