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1 Star Vijay

Really suprb channel. very innovative &class promo. And also the vijay T.V. anchors are very talent like Gopinath sir, D.D mam, ma. ka. pa. Anna, Bhavana, keep rocks.&your product santhanam Anna&Shiva Anna are very class.u r rock channel in tamilnadu.&I'm a huge fan of vijay channel.v'll pray 4u r success full growth. all the best.&keep rock. And v

Really supra channel. very innovative&class programs. And also vijay T.V. anchors r very talent, like Gopinath sir, D.D mam, ma. ka. pa Anna, Bhavana.&u r products with silver screen stars santhanam Anna&sivva Anna r very class.u r always rocking channel in tamilnadu.v r always pray 4 you r successencefull growth. keep rocks.v r huge fans 4 vijay channel.v r missing the nanban talk show pong program

Miss the nanban talk show pongal program. please retelecast that program.v r Madurai girls clg students.

This one has changed the mentality of Tamil audience to give up the serials to watching reality shows. The shows are different and worth to watch.

Good thinking. People of fed up with sun T.V. serials. Invariably all serials portray ladies in bad light. Though the lead roles are projected as the best in the world all other supporting characters are abusing the lead character with filthy languages. That too in our society what we do not want our next generation to forget SUN T.V. is doing good service to keep such feelings fresh among the future generations. T.V. is for good education and funny life not at the cost of 50% of the population. Stop this nonsense.

I love vijay TV. You are the most entertaining channel in tamil . We are waiting for cooku with comali season 2 . All your anchors are really great . Keep rocking vijay TV .

2 Sun TV

Best channel and great quality, I support this because it s started by tamilan and went to a rapid extent n past 20 yrs.. It doesn't do anything beyond to increase its trp just like other T.V... It's one of the which has so much appeal to poor and middle class... Vijay T.V. must do these different programs to match sun but in quality of movie and sun is even better than other language T.V. 's.. I think you have rated according to votes... If you go out ask te poor and middle class, esp housewife this going to be sun and only sun.. I love this channel because it has made tamil people proud, quality, new varieties now they air just like chuties kutties, super kudumbam, many serials. N vijay so much overdoses r thr and also so much advt film quality s so worst comparing with sun and also its owned by not an indian r tamilan

SUN T.V. has the best video quality when compared to any other Tamil channels, even when compared to some foreign channels... See a movie in Sun T.V. and then in some other channel, you will feel the difference..

Its always been entertainig viewers especially the whole family, any movies too, it makes us to sit and see with the famiy although it may contain some bad scenes, it just skips it, its like tn's home channel

This is super and superior quality of the tamilnadu number 1 channel. I like this channel

3 Puthiya Thalaimurai

Puthiya thalaimurai is best news channel... I like puthiya thalaimurai T.V.

Quick news delevered by this channel

They relece new news compare others

After puthiya thalaimurai, there is a lot of changes in other news channels also.

4 Zee Tamil

One and only channel which care about society and common man

Zee tamil is the one of the best tamil channel and my favorite channel

Zee Tamil .. super entertainment Tamil channel. My favourite is '' sembaruthi"

Zee Tamil CID serial is awesome. I like the most as each and every episode gives real scenario of investigating and forensic investigation and evidence. And the most important is the outstanding translation in Tamil and outstanding voice modulation of each CID characters. HATS OFF!

5 Sun Music


Heart beat for music lovers

Sun music give good quality and innovative programs and it's song selections are very good and the picture quality is very very nice

Best channel to watch songs in Tamilnadu in nonstop

6 Discovery Tamil

I am really blessed to have this wonderful channel in Tamil.. The dubbing artists are doing an outstanding job that sometimes I forget that I am watching an american channel programs.. Believe it or not, this is the only channel that I watch these days except when there is interesting sports (cricket, f1, football) going on live in tensports or star cricket.. As I mentioned above the work done by the dubbing artists is above excellent I don't mind watching the repeated programs.. They pronounce the tamil in a different level that I love to hear them again and again. Needless to say about the intensity of programs the channel offers.
Man vs wild, destroyed in secs, untamed & uncut, dual survivours, full force nature, under the deep blue sea, wonders of life and many many more...

A good infotainment channel

This channel is helpful in my studies...i like discovery, national geographic more...

The Only channel free from Cinema. Great!

7 K TV

Don't Play the Repeated Movies. Play Some Classical hit movies or award winning movies.

Please turn it to a world class level

Play new movies

It is a good Chennai who ever like to watch movies any time...

8 Adithya

Good channel but avoid more advertisement. because when I am starting to see jokes lot of ads are take place

Konjam nadinka boss programmes was awesome

Very nice channel and program also supper

I like to watch this all program

9 Kalaignar TV

Super programs in all

The very good program



Good depth of news transmitted
Newscasters have good knowledge.
Tamil people issues discussed very well in depth.
Not only script is in Tamil but news too is about Tamil and Tamil people.
Superb Indian and Tamil channel

10 Polimer TV

Hindi serials are really awesome and it shows the family bonding greatly I loved it

Hindi dubbed shows are amazing

I like most of the serials which is broadcast by polimer

Hindi dubbed serials are excellent...

The Contenders

11 Jaya TV

Old Tamil film songs collections are very good. keep it up

Biased news, mostly they would do edits in their movies according to their conditions. They wont play the full movies. Poor visual quality.

Really its nice channel

Peoples Favorite Channel. Nice News delivered in Jaya News. Overall Channel is Awesome

12 Thanthi

News are very good I like very much

All saying only truth.

Top quality Tamil news channel. Their way of presentation is unique. Must watch Tamil news channel.

Truly unbiased channel, lets just see if it going to stay as it is

13 Raj TV

Best channel... Their hindi dubbed programmes are awesome..

Please play some good recent movies.

Jesus call is good

Awesome channel where I'm gonna do my internship here tomorrow

14 Makkal TV

It sets the trend for non-commercial and public welfare programme.

This channel is the original Tamil iconic channel

Channel for Tamil tradition, language, farmer, music and grammar

Shows our culture and tradition

15 Captain TV

Please improve the quality of video pictures.

Super programme is provided.

Best entertainment channel without serials in India.

Very good programme.

16 Siripoli

Very worst channel I hate this

It is very good as aditya many people forget sirpoli



17 SS Music

I'm really missing the channel. Very good entertainment channel for people who understand Tamil and English.

Here no ss music


18 History TV18 Tamil

It is a very good channel I like it

Good channel indeed. Giving best experience on whole.

Very interesting channel with so many interesting programs. My favorite is Ancient Aliens.

It's really a super channel. I like very much for watching this channel..

19 Pudhu Yugam TV

Very Good entertainment channel of now a days

Nice programs they done for young stars

Recent times they are doing wonderful Tamil pattimandram shows. Specially Ayutha pooja & Diwali Special pattimandram is great. Pattimandram production is awesome.

Very good entertainment channel

Best channel for watching korean dramas

20 Lotus News

News they presenting in nutshell. Good to watch. soon it will beat all other news channels

The channel express news is nice there are given 1 hour 100 news. Nice

Nice Channel... It Gives Useful Information For Us...

It's a very Good news channel.

21 Sathiyam News

A decent Christian channel, focusing on both Christianity and worldly happenings. Good and encouraging programs.

They given very interesting information.

Yes as Yes, No as No

Real news channel.

22 DD Podhigai TV

PODHIGAI educates and informs the public awareness close to the people but the rest of the channels entertain.

Good channel, this is the only channel care all people. no politics and censored programmes

Television are meant to show facts. This channel deserve that

This is cahnnel was taken a agriculture news and society relation news for DD Podhigai...


16 kavanagar programme, old Tamil film songs (amudhaganam), skandhaguru kavacham astrology predictions by mr govardhanam are really too good. keep it up

Sangeethm santhosam was really awesome
Gangai amaran shares his working experience with ilayaraja and others
Endrum MSV is really good
Totally this channel gives importance to music

24 Jaya Plus

Now they giving new

Funniest news channel in entire Tamil. Always runs behind amma. They change news every 2 days. Very poor.

25 News 7 Tamil

Very very good news performance

Different type of news very nice

It is the very best news channel

Great channel with nice messages to people

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