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21 Sathiyam News

A decent Christian channel, focusing on both Christianity and worldly happenings. Good and encouraging programs.

Yes as Yes, No as No

Real news channel.

Super news chennal

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22 DD Podhigai TV

PODHIGAI educates and informs the public awareness close to the people but the rest of the channels entertain.

Good channel, this is the only channel care all people. no politics and censored programmes

Television are meant to show facts. This channel deserve that

Public broadcast,Can do there best with there limits and there potential.

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24 Jaya Plus

Funniest news channel in entire Tamil. Always runs behind amma. They change news every 2 days. Very poor.

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25 News 7 Tamil

Very very good news performance

Different type of news very nice

It is the very best news channel

World's great T.V. channel

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26 Vendhar TV

Good songs they put

Compare sun T.V. it's better

Many use full program


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27 Isaiaruvi

Rare old songs are playing that was great

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28 Star Sports V 1 Comment
29 Angel TV

Angel T.V. is super

Its the end times prophetic channel which includes entertainment. This channel has unique identity in content and in
Technical perspective. Sure Angel T.V. will hit the top in the list very soon because it is only channel that will tell about what is going to happen next.

Awesome channel to produced religious programs wow angel T.V. is best tv of Christians

Really Superb...
Best quality than even commercial channel

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30 POGO V 2 Comments
31 Dheeran TV

Awesome Programs

32 Shalini TV
33 Vasanth TV V 2 Comments
34 Madha TV

Nice Christian T.V.. All programs are super.

Wasted channel

I love madha amma. very very very very very very very very superb.

35 Interactive TV Channel (iTV)

It's really wonderful channel. All programs are really innovative. It's really useful to people who searching innovative.

Very good channal but not telecast

Dear Sir,

This is very good channel..
I am Staying in Dubai. I wish see I T.V. , could you please let me know if any paid online site available to see or any streaming sites available. Because in UAE, we can not use Dish TVs and we can use only local UAE T.V. scheme (only few Tamil channels available).

Kindly consider and let me know any online option is there.

Waiting for your favorable reply.

Thanks and Regards

Hai interactive T.V. anchors. Your T.V. show is fully entertainment for children.
I say something about your gameshow.
Your game show name"vijayodu vilaiyadu" is for entertainment. But it is not good for childrens. The game show theme is to kill a man. so please don't telecast the game show. It is not good for children so please don't telecast the show.

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36 Nick
37 Jingalala TV
38 Dubakoor TV V 1 Comment
39 Tamilan TV
40 Sun News
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