Top 10 Tamil Compositions of A.R. Rahman

Here's my list of top 10 compositions of A.R. Rahman.

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1 Kadhal Rojave (Roja)

The best song of Rahman, winning him the 1992 national film award for his debut album. Stunning and extremely pleasant to hear. - RockingSiddhu7

I like this song very of the greatest composition of A.R.rahman.i was one of the fan of the king A.R.rahman.And it is also the first film of A.R.rahman.

Its a wonderful composition of A R Rahman... I am a big... Big... Big fan of Rahman sir... He is really great and god's own musician... I am proud to be an Indian because of you Rahman sir...


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2 Enna solla pogirai (Kandukonden Kandukonden)

Soulful number sung by Shankar Mahadevan in "Kandukonden Kandukonden", going all the way to a national award. ARR shows his true mettle in this unbelievable composition. - RockingSiddhu7

Very nice song. Very romantic. My favorite line from the song is " Heart is a mirror, in that your image fell, this is yours, that's what my heart says". Very nice line. I really like the scenery of the song, nice desert song. I like Tabu and Ajith in that song, Ajith shows that he really loves Tabu in the movie. I am an Ajith fan and I Think this song is such a good song. I love A.R. rahman songs and I mostly love my Thala Ajith...

Amazing song no-one is dare to beat Rahman IT'S A HEARTWARMING SONG THERE IS NO FENCE
FOR AR Rahman creations


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3 Enai kanavillaye netrodu (Kadal Desam)

Stirring song from the film Kadhal Desam, sung by SPB. This album is the winner of filmfare and cinema express awards. Such are songs that simply live on... - RockingSiddhu7

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4 Poongatrilae (Uyire)

What a wonderful music by legend AR sir. This song is my ever favorite

Hard to chose one. All are wonderful.

5 Bombay Theme Soundtrack (Bombay)

Superb theme hats off to A.R. rahuman sir we love you always keep rocking sir all the best

Awesome the best of arr.. Its such heart touching.. Arr at his best, the best part was that it is just instrumental with no backing up vocals

6 New York Nagaram

Awesome song... Best of rehman

Just because of music... nice lyrics

What a music... Awesome!

Nice feel

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7 Oh La La La (Minasara kanavu)

This is one song that would raise you spirit, how much ever down you are. Sung by Unni Menon, Chitra and Srinivas for Minasara Kanavu, It was re-edited by A.R. Rahman and featured on the hit international musical production Bombay Dreams, which ran in Europe and North America from 2002 to 2005. This was a song that won yet another national award for Rahman. - RockingSiddhu7

Music is very super and song is beautiful

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8 Venillave Venillave (Minsara Kanavu)

One of my favorite song ever!

My favorite song ever. it Should be in the top three.

9 Usure Pogudhey (Raavanan)

What a lovely song it is it brings out love in each and every soul

Good and sweet heart songs by god gift

Its Super! #1 Fan OF Rahman sir

It's one of the best album of A.R. rahman sir
He always gives great hits but there are some song which make the audience think that it is the best. usire pogudhey is also a song which took A.R. rahman sir as a grat musician

10 Narumugaiye (Iruvar)

Very good composition and the words by vairamuthu sir was amazing


The best classical beat from the kingmaker.unni sir's voice lifts the song to the next level of music.

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11 Ottagathai kattiko (Gentleman) V 2 Comments
12 Ella Pugazhum Iraivan Oruvanukkae

Best motivation song for youngsters.

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13 Sandhosha Kanerae

The voice of Ar Rahman will be wonderful especially in this song

This song take me to a new world!

No one else could sing better than ARR its amazing song can listen this song for eternity

This song deserves a higer place on the list! What a music mann...

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14 Katre En Vaasal Vanthal

One of wonderful composition of Rahman sir... I have no words to tell about this song and unbelievable composition of Rahman sir...

This should be on top ten

15 Mustafa, Mustafa V 2 Comments
16 Nila Kaigirathu

Another great song from AR Rahman

AR + Hariharan is killer combo I prefer the male version of this song

Nice composition and harini voice is a extra beauty for this song

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17 Margazhi Thingal (Sangamam)
18 Saxophone Title Bit (Duet)
19 Vellai Pookal (Kannathil Muthamittal)

Nice peace song, equivalent to MJ's heal the world.

20 Girlfriend (Boys)

One of the underrated albums of ar rahman... I think it had to go with the controvisy of the film... Mind blowing music and awesome song...

Boys movie album is one of the best album

A tabooed movie with wonderful song!

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1. New York Nagaram
2. Kadhal Rojave (Roja)
3. Enai kanavillaye netrodu (Kadal Desam)
1. Kadhal Rojave (Roja)
2. Enna solla pogirai (Kandukonden Kandukonden)
3. Enai kanavillaye netrodu (Kadal Desam)
1. Kadhal Rojave (Roja)
2. Enai kanavillaye netrodu (Kadal Desam)
3. Enna solla pogirai (Kandukonden Kandukonden)

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