Top 10 Tamil Movies 2003

This List shows the Best Tamil Movies of the Year 2003.

The Top Ten

1 Dhool Dhool

Vikram semma mass in this film. ENGAL CHIYAN, always number 1!

Starring: Vikram, Jyothika, Vivek

Verdict: Blockbuster - mpKarthik

Dhool was the First film released in 2003. It opened to Positive Reviews & went on to become Blockbuster, upon release.

Vikram was at his peak. Vikram's look, style, costume & power packed acting was impressing.

"Swarna Akka" who can forget her. As a Political Rogue she scored well.

Jyothika, Vivekh, Pasupathy, Reema Sen performance was as good as usual.

Paravai Muniyama's "Singam Pola" song was well recieved by the Audience.

Highlighting comedy of the movie is Mayilsamy-Vivek's Chandrababu Naidu New Tirupati Prasadam comedy

Totally this Film is "Power-packed Mass Entertainer" - mpKarthik

2 Anbe Sivam

Starring: Kamal Hassan, Madhavan, Kiran Rathod

Direction: Sundar. C

Verdict: Flop. Critically Sucessful. Achieved Cult Status - mpKarthik

3 Pithamagan

Starring: Vikram, Suriya, Laila

Direction: Bala

Verdict: Super Hit - mpKarthik

4 Kaakha Kaakha

Starring: Suriya, Jyothika

Direction: Gautam Vasudev Menon

Verdict: Blockbuster - mpKarthik

5 Saamy Saamy

Starring: Vikram, Trisha

Direction: Hari

Verdict: Blockbuster - mpKarthik

After the success of Prashanth's Super Hit Tamizh movie, Hari made his second collaboration with Vikram.

Vikram acted as a Police Officer in this film. Vikram suited well for this police getup. Not only his looks, but also his acting was well praised by the critics.

Trisha was Vikram's Love Interest, which was very well. Ramesh Khanna was awesome as usual.

Perumal Pichai was really an amazing role for Kota Srinivasa Rao. His did an Excellent Job in this movie.

Main Person to talk about in this movie is Vivek. His peformance was mind blowing. As a Karuthu Kandhasamy his Karuthu was really great thoughts. Even though Vadivelu's Performance was great in Winner Movie, Vivek won Tamilnadu State film award for Saamy. - mpKarthik

6 Dum (2003)
7 Thiruda Thirudi

Starring: Dhanush, Chaya Singh

Verdict: Blockbuster - mpKarthik

8 Iyarkai

Starring: Shaam, Arun Vijay

Verdict: Super Hit - mpKarthik

9 Parthiban Kannavu (Tamil_Film) Parthiban Kannavu (Tamil_Film)

Starring: Srikanth, Sneha

Verdict: Super Hit - mpKarthik

10 Jay Jay (Tamil_film)

The Contenders

11 Tirumalai (Tamil_Film) Tirumalai (Tamil_Film)

Vijay's Tirumalai was an Action Masala Film. Vijay got his moustache trimmed, gave a Young & Attractive look. This Film was Vijay's first direct action film. This film was a hit & gave a turning point to Vijay, to proceed further with Action stories.

Vijay's dance with Raghava Lawrence in "Thaamthakka Theemthakka" was really amazing. - mpKarthik

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12 Winner (2003)
13 Jayam (Tamil_Film)
14 Priyamana Thozhi
15 Anjeneya (Tamil_film)

Starring: Ajith Kumar
Verdict: Disaster - mpKarthik

16 Vaseegara (Tamil_Film)

Starring: Vijay, Sneha, Vadivelu

Verdict: Super Hit - mpKarthik

17 Kadhal Kondein

Starring: Dhanush, Sonia Agarwal

Verdict: Super Hit - mpKarthik

18 Magic Magic 3D (Tamil_Film)

Starring: S. P. Balasubramaniam

Verdict: Hit - mpKarthik

19 Arasu
20 Ottran
21 Boys (Tamil_movie)
22 Anbe Anbe (Tamil_film)
23 Success (Tamil_film)
24 Julie Ganapathy
25 Lesa Lesa
26 Paarai
27 Nala Damayanthi
28 Aalukku Oru Aasai
29 Bandha Paramasivam
30 Whistle (Tamil_movie)
31 Enakku 20 Unakku 18
32 Naam (Tamil_movie)
33 Unnai Charanadaindhen
34 Nadhi Karaiyinile
35 Thithikuthey
36 Thennavan
37 Aasai Aasaiyai
38 Punnagai Poove
39 Chokka Thanagam
40 Manasellam
41 Bheeshmar
42 Kadhal Sadugudu (Tamil_film)
43 Annai Kaaligambal
44 Puthiya Geethai
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