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1 Yuvan Shankar Raja Yuvan Shankar Raja is an Indian singer-songwriter, film score and soundtrack composer, and occasional lyricist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Speechless is the word I have for his music.
His unique stamp in the tamil industry has made people addicted.
His fans, like me... Have our own world in ourselves
He is deep connected in our hearts
And his voice is the only cure for any pain we get

About Yuvan and his music was so freshness and youthful to me..

I'm enjoying his orchestration in many songs and his background score give a life to the movie. Futhermore, his background score/music are amazing and getting awesome feeling..

From the beginning until now Yuvan only have try different music and bgm in his compostion towards his successful music..

Yuvan's dream is to win a Grammy award.. Soon he will reach great heights..

Yuvan can defined as 1 name only.. That is YUVAN=MUSIC... No one can replace yuvan... Many music directors can come n go.. But Yuvan n his music always the best... Yuvan only have the capacity to stand in 1st place... Because he is the symbol of music.. But I still don't understand how A. R Rahman alwaz get award even he did low hits but Yuvan did all hits... And 1 more thing how anirudh alwaz in top even he copied from Hollywood music but Yuvan compose music equal to Hollywood music in own... Every year I pray God for Yuvan to get awards but he not... Although he x get awards, he have a die hard fan group like us.. So our support is an AWARD for him... Keep loving n supporting Yuvan... I LOVE you YUVAN... you THE ONE N ONLY THE BEST, TALENTED, AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, AND SUCCESSFUL MUSIC COMPOSER IN THE WORLD...

I thing I hear all the song, thulluvatho illamai, 7 g rainbow colony, puthu pettati, raam and kadal konden in this movie song powerful hit life long yuvan shankar raja the create touch and soulful songs very good I pray he continue done all the movie songs

2 A.R. Rahman Allah-Rakha Rahman, is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician and philanthropist.

A R Rahman is truly god sent, as his name says.
There is no contemporary match to him and will never be.
His every notes, chords, melodies are soulful and can not be described by word. They don't need lyrics, they speak for themselves.
And his voice, I don't think there has ever been a music director in Indian cinema who reached and hit the heights that ARR's voice can touch.
And he is such a humble person, completely down to earth and still going strong.

I'm sorry that the world only knows him for the popish "Jai ho", which is miles away from his memorable songs like "chaiyya chaiyya", "dil se re", "rangeela". Still, it's surprising to see that after so many years of classic songs, he still manages to take you aback with beautiful compositions like "Tum tak" or "Nenje elu".

To sum it up: the 80s belonged to India's music child Ilayaraja, but from the 90s, ARR whizzes it all around the world.

Is the anything else to say or is there anyone else can be compared to him.. As a music lover, I've listen to songs from malay to English to Chinese to Spanish and Arabic.. But the variety the music knowledge of rahman is incomparable.. Remember went to put audio system in car at Chinese shop.. After plug he just take a cd in my shelf and he ask who is MD I said tamil fil MD arahman he said a.r. rahman he know since from kadhlan. He said no one can mix tunes like him.. What should I say..

A.R. R is mind blowing music director. He is placed #3 in the world. many of you have not known about his work. If so please try the "classic incantations" which freely available in He is the only Asian music director to compose Hollywood movies not only slumdog millionare also 127 hours. Many of his great works not even reach the people. If anyone rathers arr got oscar they will play like anything. But he is ahumble man.

No one beat A. R rehman... He s a great musician in India... India number.1 music director... He s great trend sectsector... Please don't compare with yuvan and Harris they are copy music director... My vote A.R. rehman jail ho G... Hates of U... I proud of U...

3 Harris Jayaraj

There is lot of music going around the world. But in India there is everything. What I felt is some musicians give music that literally convinces our ears and the music system and some musicians gives music that can purely attaches to the heart and some musicians brilliantly blows away with the arrangement of the orchestra. But HARRIS JAYARAJ is such a kind of musician that he does everything mentioned above. After all we the people have many tastes in the music as we grew up in different atmospheres so I respect everyone's opinion. This doesn't mean that I don't like other musicians but I just go with Harris...

He is a perfect marketer. He understands music beyond a point is all about business. A hit means the producer and all concerned stake holders are happy at the end of the day. Harris by far has been safe bet for big producers. He is talented but when it comes to cinema music he has devised a niche for himself. He might be having certain black marks for copying but who doesn't? Despite that he has given thorough massive hit songs since he forayed. Counting among the legends he is already has a place and veterans like arr u1 too are talented. But choosing harris is for his sound production and quality of sounding. Its ingenious and apart. Trust me after arr harris has best sound. Now santhosh narayanan has it too. But still since I belong to 90s generation I pick harris after arr.

HJ's style and sophistication are unparalleled, allowing him to create a unique niche for himself amidst today's heavy competition. People rave about his melodies but I personally prefer his fast numbers. Uyirin uyire will remain an all time favorite. His countless albums of promising caliber beckoned the next generation after Rahman. Yuvan has some lovely albums to his credit but Harris is a steady provider of chartbusters and his background score is extremely thoughtful, not overpowering, and a blast. His BGMs are more well designed than Yuvan's jarring scores any day. Above all, he takes extreme care to ensure that language is given equal priority as music. His songs have clear pronunciation and he sometimes pens commendable lyrics for his songs as well such as Kulu Kulu. The Telugu audience tends to recognize his prowess more markedly than the Tamils although he has composed more Tamil albums. His Hindi ventures were equally well received in the North. MSV, Raja, Rahman, ...more

Kind request to Harris jeyaraj. Please keep up the combination with k.v.Anand. I am eagerly waiting for your combo films. Especially my all type of feelings are merged with your music. Lifelong I will be your big fan. Keep going sir. Your background music also awesome in your music. Don't leave a.r.murugadoss,gautham Menon, k.v.Anand,uday Stalin.. My dad also fan for you sir... I am also want to be a film director. So you only composing music for me.. Thank you sir

4 Ilayaraja Ilaiyaraaja is an Indian film composer who works in the South Indian cinema but predominantly in Tamil since the late 1970s.

If anyone says there is a music director in Tamil cinema who is better than Raja sir, God wish him well. Raja is the one and only music composer who elevates the movie with his soulful music and his background scores speak even if the characters in the movie are silent. His music is so melodious and soulful that if one is going through an emotional vaccum in life, his songs can bring peace, harmony and meaning to one's life. He is simply a God given gift to not only Tamil film industry but to the whole music world. Raja sir is incomparable. Even 200 years later people will be able to relate to his musical genius.

Raja Sir is the best on this Planet. His songs are futuristic even if you listen them after 200 years. It is indeed God's gift we have such a genius enlighten our lives in such an inspirational blessing. His music is medicine when we feel depressed. His music is everything whenever we feel needy. His music healed my decease of feeling suicidal when times force me to leave this world. Now I thank God for blessing and gifting humankind with such a wonderful human-being, the one and only Iliayaraaja Sir. Salutes to you Sir.

There is no word to express about his music, because I had been brought up by hearing his songs, I fall in love with my girlfriend by hearing his songs only, Now iam living with my life partner by hearing his songs only, I console myself even if my mother is no more by hearing his songs, I just loolabi my child by hearing his songs only. His songs Ananda ragam ketkum kalam from panner pusphangal film, its just awesome, its simply brought in to my school days unforgettable moments. by ARUL DS. Collectorate. Tirunelveli.

We don't have any composer who can conceive music and deliver it in single recording without any corrections, changes or improvising. Its absolute genius and we don't have any one else in our country who can do this. Raja - The King

5 Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh Ravichander is the best music director in Tamil. He is the blockbuster hitting machine. His first song hits as the India's first 100 M song. He is the No.1 music director in South India.

Anirudh sucks! Just don't keep on praising his copied songs! He is a bloody copy cat! I'm bored of hearing his music... Always using the same tune and its not different... And his music don't suits for the movie... Copying all his song from English movie... Be aware of this and just don't keep on prasing him

Anirudh Ravichander is one of the best music director in the world...
He was an young spirit and makes people to adict for his songs and bgm
He is also called KING OF MuSIC and ROCK STAR.. He ha more fans in tamil industry and He was the solo king in malaysia there is no competition only anirudh

Damn your awesome... No words to say... He rocking... He give the pain of the music... I wanna to b like U... U r the king of music... U r my role model... Love you lot anirudh.. Keep rocking... And give awesome albums... Anirudh

6 G. V. Prakash Kumar

Every one says that they love arr harris jayaraj anirudh. But I really love g v prakash'S music than other and if I am a director I will chose g v for my movie for sure. You're the melody king and I want more better songs from U. I'm really a true fan of yours

G.V Prakash sir I love you so much, you are a Pain Killer. I am no words to tell about your Songs, they are AWESOME. I love you acted on the movie Darling. Soon you will come in the 1st place of Top 10

All the Best!


G.V.prakash music is really different and intresting. He is my favorite music director. If I get a chance to direct or act a movie I will choose gv prakash kumar as music director. The one and only melody king. Really he is the best in Tamil

No words for your music G. V your songs r all very very special for me
Your voice is also so cute please keep it up G.V. prakash sir thank you so much for your all songs

7 D. Imman

He is a very good singer and composer... Next number 1 music director is imman; your songs are very amazing.

Imman create a new instruments in music. He is always best in Tamil industry. I like your songs

D imman is the most underrated music director in tamil. He deserve at least 2 and position.

Proved again in 2012. Wait & watch coming years.

8 Devi Sri Prasad

Devi sir your music is awesome and no one can give rocking music like you sir. He gives very good music in telugu and Tamil. And I hope you will be the top most music director for ever

He is only give best music ever and any time any movie in India and world also. He should be at top place in this list..

Devi sri music is super rocking and no more words to I love devi sri music forever

I always liked his music, like the ones in Singam and Singam 2

9 Vijay Antony

Should have been given place in top3 but I don't know how rankings are given but he is still a rocking music director who took Tamil music to a great extent than any other even internationally. Songs like nakku mukka and athichudi are best examples

Should have been given place in the top 3. There is no one who can hesitate his music and also the best music director Tamil cinema has ever seen. His famous hits nakku mukka and athichudi are the best examples

Very very beautiful music director... Good music and acting. So much Vijay Antony sir...

Vijay antony is a brilliant music director. Fantastic works

10 M.S.V

He was the trail blazer in the Tamil film industry for music. He gave a new definition for light music and is rightly called Mellisai Mannan King of light music. He has given the most variety in tamil film music. Based on which all later compositions came into being. Undoubtedly a trend setter and king of film music. Using western classical in Tamil songs which is unique to his compositions which is also being adopted by A R Rahman.

A musician beyond compare. Ilayaraja is monotonous while AR is all noise. The lesser said the better for others

Anyday the best you can hear. Gives life to lyrics, emotions and brings out the best from any singer.

His music was perfect for his generation...

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11 Vidyasagar

Sir vijay film work with one of the different music next vijay film multilevel music

Sir u r a father music u r a chance less composer waiting for your music in vijay sir's next film like Gilli music..## my favorite...

Best melodies and dance numbers. Can't say enough in words

He is master.., His music is beyond the words

12 Hiphop Tamizha

Aadhi is a very inspirational and motivational. His songs make a lot of depressions in everyone's hearts! Having interest in songs of both-English and Tamil is a very highly appreciated thing. His true life experiences is the best teacher in life. He tells us the importance of struggles and even FRIENDS! Hoping to meet you one day anna! I'm a seventh grader, love from Dubai!

I love you anna... aadhi anna I want to see you... I am crazy about your music... vaadi pulla vaadi and nee nenacha... these songs are my weins... I love you anna...

Effective music. Aadhi bro we need more rap from your side and Vaisakh bro please give us more tracks like Neeyum Naanum Anne and Oxygen into lime light. You both are topping my playlist Anna.@Raashmika Ramachandran

How many of you agree that Hip Hop Aadhi has more mens as fans while most of the ladies are the fans of Hip Hop Vaisakh. Any way they both are brilliant musicians and are two legendary Indian rappers. Appreciating Jeeva Beatz too.

13 Mani Sharma

King of Back ground score of Indian cinema

Good in melodies

I like manisharma song very much

Mani-King Of South Indian Music! B-)
He is the best music director South India ha

14 Santhosh Narayanan

His Music is totally different to Tamil cinema. On par with international standards..

Just wait for few more years santosh is going to rock Tamil cinema with his new kind of music. I'm a fan of both u1 and arr but santosh music is out of the box thinking

Am care about other musicians #santhosh creates a new trends in his music for new genration#get popular soon#tallented musician!

Future of tamil cinema music industry "santhosh" keep rocking. And the top 10 list is a crap.A.R second and Yuvan 1st? No sense

15 Santosh Narayanan

Santhosh should be in front of this rating... Just listen to his new album cuckoo it's amazing and brought the feel of yuvan and god illayaraja's music...

Crazy is an understatement for his music. His I think after ARR, Santhosh and Imman are here to save the Tamil industry with their freshness and innovative orchestration

Support this young music director who is bringing new kind of music to cine industry

He is excellent music director and he has unique talents in music world

16 Deva

He is one of the best musician in Tamil industries

I like Deva sir after music legend msv he have that same structure of music

His film name is kadal kottai such a beauty full songs all the songs are super duper hits

Mind blowing composer in Tamil Cinema he is not only for gana songs but no one can make him the genius

17 SA Rajkumar

We were expecting at your music in movie

He is good music director and song mamorable.

Best for melodies

Super hits music s a RAJKUMAR

18 S. Thaman

He makes just few films but he done better.

Dare not to forget this sensation Music director. Top Mass tracks from OSTHE., Melodious EERAM, VANDRAAN VENDRAAN, ISHTAM, KSY, Thadaiyara Thaakka AND BUSINESS MAN are unforgettable albums

Unbeliveable... Beautiful composition... Awesome music... He is a very good music director of telugu cinema and Tamil both. , I like his musiq especially in OSTHE, VANDAAN VENDRAAN, RAMAYYA VASTHAVAYYA, SHADOW, MIRAPAKAY, KICK, MUNTHINAM PARTHENEY AND MoscowIN KAVERI...

19 M.Ghibran

My most favourite and changeless music director
Enthaaraa...Enthaaraa... Is my favourite song

In my favorite best music director

Good music director... Lovely songs

Kamal sir's choice was ghibran and he have proved the best music director.should be in top 5

20 Srikanth Deva

Good music director

Mass in local songs

21 M. S. Viswanathan

A great great musician of India who tried all the experiments in music! And a man who passed away without any honour from the Indian government! And what not in his music is there in the other musicians of the world? Nothing will be the correct answer!

22 Sathya

I like sathya sir song because look like very different sir

23 Nivas K. Prasanna

Awesome music in zero movie...

24 Aadhi

I love his different music qualities

I will support

Wow his music is really awesome.I love his independent music albums.he's gone rock Tamil cinema

25 Gopi Sundar
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