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21 Srikanth Deva

Mass in local songs

Good music director

22 James Vasanthan

Good music director for low budget...

23 Dharan

He is a wonderful music director...
He touch my heart in O Nenje at SIVI...
I proud of him!

24 Bharathwaj

He is one of the talent music director

25 Aadhi

I will support

Wow his music is really awesome.i love his independent music albums.he's gone rock Tamil cinema

26 Nivas K. Prasanna
27 Joshua Sridhar

Good music director

28 Karthik Raja

He is also one of the good composer. He can prove them on a right time in an future.

Karthik raja! he is the prince of music.. His songs from the movie grahan..! it's mind blowing..! But our Tamil industry bastards don't give any chance for talented people.. Caste dominates talent! Karthik raja is heavenly!

29 Gopi Sundar
30 S.J Surya

He is so cool

31 Prashanth Prashanth Prashanth (born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) is an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Tamil cinema . He is also known as "Top Star" by his fans . He has also appeared in few Telugu films, Bollywood and Malayalam films . The son of actor-director Thiagarajan, Prashanth began his more.
32 Yusuf Islam
33 Siddharth Vipin

Good in good


34 Justin Prabhakaran

Super songs like Pesayu Esayaa yankaadhukulle kekuraa

35 Praveen
36 Vijay Ananth

He is the upcoming music director
In The name of lobo musicals
He is best in melodies
Them music
Intro music
Horrer side

37 Sharreth
38 M. S. Viswanathan
39 Dinesh Kumar

He will popular in future for us

40 Bobo Shashi

One awesome musician, I still hum his Manasellam number from Kulir 100, I don't know why he is not getting much chances, if he is given a chance we can listen to some new type of songs.

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