Best Tamil Novels Since 1950

List of the greatest Tamil novels in the last 60 years which are either acclaimed by critics and/or reached a wide audience.

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1 Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki

One of the best book in world

Easily the best. Revered by people across generations. Kalki with his enormous talent mesmerizes the reader with an outstanding story - Srinibalaji

I never read this. But am eager to read


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2 Oru Manidhan Oru Veedu Oru Ulagam by Jeyakanthan

Best novel I had ever read..Henry the man who inspired us to love, share, felt small things in the village and told how a man give meaningful to his life and live..Extraordinary story telling..

Jeyakanthan awakened the social consciousness of Tamil public with his incisive writings and this book is rated by critic as his best. A story applicable for all times raising fundamental questions about life. - Srinibalaji

I want to read this book


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3 Moga Mul by Thi.Janakiraman

The author known for his treatment of finer human emotions paints a very sensitive story.. - Srinibalaji

It is the only one full novel (of its kind) written in Tamil. No other fiction can match this novel.

Moga mul is the best...

Beauty, all the characters are live with us for a week at least - ravi

4 Cheramaan Kadhali by Kannadasan

Only historical novel from this great poet. A rare novel talking about the Chera kings. This book won the Sahitya Academy award - Srinibalaji

Very good writers very good novel

Unbeatable legendary

I need this book old send to

5 Pirivom Sandhippom by Sujatha

Sujatha ia a master story teller writing in many genres - this is considered his best by his fans - Srinibalaji

Made me cry even I don't know what is love on those days...

Make a better feel

What a love story...i'm damn sure u will love the character of boy lead and girl lead

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6 Oru Puliyamarathin Kadhai by Sundara Ramaswamy

Didn't reach a wide audience but rated by almost all critic and pundits as one of the greatest novels ever. The author introduced a totally new writing style - Srinibalaji

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7 Kallikaattu Ithihaasam by Vairamuthu

In this ithihaasam you can breath the kallikaattu air, you can smell the village, you can know the culture of village, mindset of village peoples, wet eye climax, really great great great...,

No words to explain, He is legend

Superb writing by legend vairamuthu sir

8 Chitthira Pavai by Akilan

The best social novel I ever read; unpredictable climax; nice message to society

Nice story...

Popular book. Specifically mentioned in The Bharathiya Gnanpith Award citation to the author - Srinibalaji

Akilan novels are really best always. Vengayin maindhan and Vetri tirunagar are his another great contribution

9 Kurinji Malar by Na.Parthasarathi

Idealistic. Such novels don't come easily - Srinibalaji

Such a heart touching novel. the best.

10 Yavana Rani by Sandilyan

Master of historical novels and this is one of the most loved books of his - Srinibalaji

Sandilyan's one of the best novels... I loved that...

This is best novel. I feel that it does not got a correct place in this poll

The novel is based on the early problems faced by Chola emperor Karikalan alias Thirumavalavan and his victory over velir chieftains, Pandyan king and Chera king at Venni paranthalai. The author personified the characters in the novel and made us to get impressed with the characters and places of this novel.
Such a wonderful novel by Sandilyan.

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The Contenders

11 Kadal Pura by Sandilyan

Great novel...I totally disagree with the placement given to this book

First novel which took me to this world of fantasy...

Akoodha was great

It was the great story of karunakara pallavan...I travelled with the ship of kadal pura...

12 Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal by Jayakanthan

Nice novel personalities changes with time... ,

Sila nerangalil sila manithargal

A must read from jayakandan

"Maatram ondre Maaradhadhu" This is the baseline of the novel.. It has an eye-wetting, unexpected climax.. Must read novel

13 Washingtonil Thirumanam by Saavi

Very few books in the humor genre and this is a classic.. - Srinibalaji

I read this novel when I was a child and I still remember it. That itself speaks about the novel!

Best humorous and rememberable novel

I read this novel when I was 7th was more humorous and more classical.when I read this novel I drowned in makes me very enjoyable whenever I remembered and laugh.

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14 Udayar by Balakumaran

Good novel about great legend. one of the wonderful novel I ever read.

I give 10 out 10 for this novel, the best novel. All people should read.

Hats of to the poet

Great book which will clearly portray the Tamil culture and the greatness of our beloved Raja Raja Cholan and how he constructed the Big Temple in Tanjore despite many struggles around him. In short the sequel of Ponniyin Selvan. Must Read!

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15 Gangai Konda Cholan by Balakumaran

Like udaiyar bk sirs another historical novel very good to read

Amazing book about rajendra chozhan. tremendous.

16 Karuvachi Kaviyam by Vairamuthu

Its all about common village girl Karuvachi, awesome writing by legend vairamuthu

Amazing sir iam your big fan. I have read most of your novels like mundram ulaga por and thaneer desam

17 Thanneer Desam by Vairamuthu

It gives me the fantastic experience like I live in that boat.Rare Information about sea adds the special taste.

It is vry lovely

Thanneer Desam is Awesome book which is next to Ponniyin Selvan in my mind.
Hats of to Vairamuthu sir for writing such a great book.
I just read the first page when browsing books in book store,got impressed and bought.
Read it whole night in one go.
Tamil ah Rasika therunjavanga read panna vaendiya book.

18 Thiruvarangan Ulla Bysrivenugopalan

Must read novel and excellent use of words.

It is wonderful Novel.

19 Mannan Mahal by Sandilyan

I read it 15 years age. All Sandilyan stories are very interesting

A great novel with greatest twists

Very much excited and one of the best novel by sandilyan...

One of the best book of sandilyan. novel contain fast and twist.

20 Moondram Ulaga Por by Vairamuthu

It's the book you can get to know the village culture, people with world science, politics and economy.
None other than legend vairamuthu did a great job again.
Hat's off to you sir...

It is such a great book

I like this
i also write one long travel live novel in my real story

21 Yenge Yen Kannan by Indira Soundarajan
22 Amma Vandhaal by Thi Janakiraman
23 Parthiban Kanavu by Kalki

Good one

24 Washingtonilirunthu Nallathambi by CHO Ramasamy
25 Sivagamiyin Sapatham by Kalki

Great novel. Fabulous work by king kalki

It It is one of the historical novel of kalki. It tells about pallavas dynasty and the most beautiful sculputers in mahabalipuram. I considered sivakamiyin sabatham is also an wonderful creation of kalki. Please everyone should read vaishnavi

26 Vandhargal Vendrargal by Madhan
27 Paththini Kottam by Jesirpiyan
28 Pugai Nam Pagai

Aurtor name

29 Arthamulla Indhu Madham by Kannadasan

This books gives clear idea about many things in life

30 Thunai Ezhuthu
31 Aram by Jeyamohan
32 Sethu Nattu Venkai by Indhrasoundararajan
33 Kaviri Mainthan by Anusha Venkatesh
34 Tharaiyil Irangum Vimaanangal By Indhumathi

I have read this novel in my 15 years. Best novel without any volger

35 Vayalvizhi by N. Seethalakshmi

Motivational book for younger generation about agriculture

36 Rasavaathi by Pon Chinnathampi Murugesan Paulo Coelho
37 Sathiyavellam by Na. Parthasarathy
38 Nandhipurathu Nayagi by Vikraman
39 Puyalile oru thoni

Best book with wonderful writing.

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