Top Ten Best Tanks from WW2

These are the best tanks of WW2. Depending in how strong, versatile, and easy to produce the tank is.

The Top Ten

1 Panzer-5 "Panther"

Was probally the best tank of WW2. if the allies had it they would have shorted the war in Germany by about a month I think.

The Panther was known for the terror it was capable of spreading as no other tank of the time could compete with the Panthers gun, armor, and pilots. The panther's only downfall was he fact that they were not cheap to run or fix.

Overrated as everything German is. Many books describe the reactions of Alied soldiers when checking captured panzers. Most of them were badly made and inferior to their own tanks. They were notorious mostly because of the fear of the Nazi regime.

Very fast and easy to produce. Could have won ww2 if produced earlier

2 T-34/85

The best tank of World War II, (along with IS-2 and M4) "Fear of all german machines", penetrated all german tanks from a range of 2000 meters. Very fast and easy to produce and maintain.

Was amazing tank basicly a easy 8 sherman.

T-34/85. enough said

The best tank which won the WW2

3 Tiger-1

Best tank in ww2, with it's armor that could stand most infantry anti-tank weapons, and it's powerful 88mm cannon, as well as it's machine guns, downside is that it was too expensive, and cost too much material, it was also slow and usually broke down, as well as taking up too much fuel.

Tiger-1 was a great tank, it was a lot more expensive than the allied tanks but for a good reason. It had an 88 mm cannon which could penetrate almost any tank that had less than 60 degree sloped armor. This tank was a ranged tank, a few tigers would go out and snipe of a group of t-34s and they were successful. The only reason the tigers were outdated during the later part of the war because the allies had pushed the Germans back to more suburban areas and that is were the tigers are less effective (At close range). The Tiger tank is by far one of the best WW2 tanks, it only down fall was it's flat armor and the limited number.

Great cannon, thick armor, and much cheaper and reliable than tiger 2

A great tank tat performed greatly except for its slow engine. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

4 M4 Sherman

The Panther, Tiger, and all the TD's were designed to take out other tanks as one of their primary purposes. The Tiger was also designed to spearhead breakthroughs, the Sherman? it was designed to do all of that and more.

The Sherman was a capable tank killer at its introduction in ww2, and as the Tanks opponents developed, so did the Sherman. The 75mm gun had better penetrating power than the original T34, and the 76 eventually made standard had more power the the 85 used on the T-34/85. So the Sherman was capable of taking out Tanks on a one on one basis.

But that was not its main job, instead, the Sherman was primarily meant as an infantry support vehicle, and it excelled in this. You can see this in the best allied tank ace, Lafayette G. Pool, who had 258 armored vehicle kills (including TD's, Self Propelled Artillery, and Tanks), but he also killed 1000 German infantry and took 250 prisoners. This was over only 81 days. Compare this the German tank aces, which was ...more - spartanparty

Was one of the best tanks of WW2. good all arouund stats but bad armor late in war for most models, BUT the Sherman assult tank of which 250 were made in October 1944 could take a 88mm shot and keep rolling over the enemy.

Good tank

So so so good.

5 Jagdpanther

Great td, unparalleled in its field, but restricted to it. - spartanparty

Considered the best Tank destroyer of WW2 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

6 Panzer 4

The underrated, semi-reliable, workhorse of the German army. - spartanparty

Was a amazing tank basiclly a German sherman tank but a long cannon.

7 Tiger-2

It was a large heavy tank, it has a 43 l 71 gun. It's strongest armour is 7.2 inches, and it's weakest is 1 inch. It's secondary is mg34s

It was the best tank of WWII because the allies were never able to build anything truly capable of destroying it One on One.

Another great tank but was slower than the Tiger 1 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The best tank but very slow!

8 IS-1

Named after Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, was a great tank and could easily wipe out German tanks. The only reason it isn't higher is cause it was only used in the last year of WW2 and didn't see much battles. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

But that 122 mm cannon though

Soviet bs

9 Crusader-2

It looked sick with its sloped armour and good speed and helped the british regain the initiative in north africa

The British tanks that challenged Rommel in Africa. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

10 T-34/76

And with a much better fire power than regular T34

This should be higher up on the list. This tank is the reason why the Panther and Tiger tanks were made!

Sloped armor

The Contenders

11 Matilda-2

Amazing early war tank. - spartanparty

12 M26 Pershing

Was the best US tank of WW2. crushed north korean T34s in korea and tigers in WW2. amazing gun able to take out tigers at a mile away! and good armor. multi role.

This tank should be #1 or #2 on the list!


Both the Pershing and Super Pershing had superior fire power with the high velocity 90MM gun. Could take out a Panzer at 2600 yards!

13 Panzer III

Great tank

14 Comet A34

Was the best of the cruiser tanks and good all around stats.

€¢Best of the British in WW2

•Moderate to poor amour, but up for it with speed and firepower

•A good looking tank

•It was the height of the cruiser tanks

15 M4A3E8 Easy Eight

Was a amazing all round tank and helped set the ground for the MBT. good armor, gun, speed, and could be made easy.

A Sherman but better. The Panther's equal. It is so awesome that Hollywood gave it its own movie. (Fury)

16 Panzer VIII Maus

It's a German super tank
183 mm barrel and very thick armor is strong

It is the heaviest tank ever made in ww2 and weighting over 100 pounds. Only 2 were made out of 148 becuase Allied bombing destroyed factories. One of 2 Mauses did not had turret and ammo. Other were found by Russians and there os only 1 maus in world in Russian tank museum

Ehm not 100 pounds... OVER 100 TONS

17 Churchill

A good infantry tank amazing at its job.

Wonderful tank, if a bit slow, upgraded versions were very well rounded, and th armor was amazing. - spartanparty

Churchill here, ready to takeover

IT was slower than my tractor...

18 IS-2

The de facto most powerful tank of WWII. It's long-barrelled 122mm gun could penetrate any german tank in the front from any distance. It had 120mm front armor and was much lighter than the Tiger.

Set the ground for the MBT. could smash king tigers at thousands of yards and had good armor.

122mm cannon could smash tigers

The Tiger killer...

19 Hetzer

Very good to, bad part is that it couldn't turn its turret around, so could be shot from behind and easily blown up

A amazing TD. way under rated. was real good.

Best - Warwolf18

20 KV-2

Heavy armour made this sucker difficult to knock out - Wehraboo29

21 Jagdtiger
22 KV-1
23 SU-122
24 Sherman Firefly

Fast and powerful. Built on the dependable Sherman chasis. 17 pounder gun. Could take out the Tiger and Panther. We Americans should have built them too.

This improved Sherman was used up until the end of the war and was used widely across common wealth countries who where lucky o receive it over the poorly under gunned and under armoured standard Sherman

25 Panther D
26 Churchill IV
27 Type 95

This is THE MOST powerful tank during ww2

28 Su-100

Most powerful tank destroyer of WWII

29 KV-85
30 T-32

Very strong turret armor and a very powerful tank with a 90 mm gun that could penetrate Almost all tanks in world war 2, very heavy American tank.

31 Wespe

The most powerful artillery tank on the Easternfront. With night explosive shells it can destroy a heavy tank with 1 shell. But very slow tonreload 10min

32 T-70
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