Greatest Tapping Licks

All right, I am not a guitar expert. But I do know something about guitar. In this list, I am going to add some songs with tapping licks.

1. A lick is a short/piece of a note of guitar.
2. A solo is a series of chord progression.

So, on my list when I am adding those songs. Basically one song's solo can have multiple licks. If I am wrong, please correct me here. I will appreciate it.

Whether it can be a solo or not. But it has one lick at least. Lick is like a riff. It may also be a part of a solo. Also may not be a part of solo.

The Top Ten

1 Idols and Anchors - Horizons

The middle part. When he sings "with the Abyss". - zxm

Best example of tapping lick. If I am not wrong, it's a riff. Not a solo. - zxm

2 Children of the Damned - Iron Maiden

Never though it had. But yes, it does have a lick. - zxm

V 1 Comment
3 Eruption - Van Halen V 1 Comment
4 One - Metallica
5 Go Go Power Rangers - Ron Wasserman

Don't know much about it. But it has a good tapping lick. - zxm

6 Invincible - Muse
7 Paschendale - Iron Maiden

The song opens with a tapping lick. - zxm

8 Midnight - Joe Satriani
9 Building the Church - Steve Vai
10 Reapers - Muse

Another great song with tapping licks. - zxm

The Contenders

11 My Apocalypse - Escape the Fate
12 Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani
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Top Remixes

1. Idols and Anchors - Horizons
2. Eruption - Van Halen
3. One - Metallica



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