Top 10 Tastiest Fish


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1 Salmon

The best ever! No comparison...

You can't beat salmon

It is so goodd it's like a gift from God and plzzz have this in heaven!

Salmon is the tastiest fish because salmon is smooth and juicy and when u take a bite,it just melts in your mouth...ahhh...i'm going to get some now!

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2 Walleye
3 Speckled Trout
4 Tilapia

duh - Clubberoni

5 Cod

Because is the best

6 Tuna

Tuna fish is the best! - Aknn

The only fish I like - RockStarr

7 Perch
8 Mahi Mahi

Mahi is also a fish which tastes very good when you smell it you will think that yo u have come to haven its colous very bright and shining that you can't believe it his healthy to eat also thankyou for watching the comments I hope you enjoy reading it

9 Halibut

I think Catfish or Sturgeon should be here because they are very sweet

10 Red Snapper

We all have different likes in tastes, but to me Salmon is absolutely not No. 1.

The Contenders

11 Rainbow Fish
12 Catfish

Get it a nice golden crisp just like Oklahoma catfish and it's amazing

It is very delicious fish

13 Grouper
14 Flounder
15 Sardine

My most tastiest fish when it's shallow fried with Indian herbs.

16 Silver Pomfret

This should be above salmon. Who is rating this by the way

If you have ever tasted this fish, you won't even need to think once to rate other fish. This
beats all by very high margin. Also, it's quite expensive.

17 Hilsha

Tastiest fresh water fish found in Bangladesh, which is a land of rivers.

It's better then all fish.

Best in test...

18 Haddock
19 Orange Roughy
20 Ocean Perch

Tastier than salmon for sure. Just ate fillet of each... No doubt, salmon looses out to this fish.

21 Turbot
22 Milkfish
23 Steelhead
24 Flathead Catfish
25 Tilefish

The whitest, flakiest, best tasting fish on this planet. Can't mess it up all it needs is salt pepper and butter.Salmon should not be 1 it is nasty so many fish taste better

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