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1 French Fries French Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped ...read more.

These fries are the best French Fries ever! And I mean ever!

They are the best I love them because they are so greasy oily, and also filled with love

DONT LIKE mcdonalds but its the best thing there

Now I am hungry - MACDONALDS

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2 Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

This is so much better then any other Chicken sandwich!

3 Egg McMuffin

I always get this at breakfast!

It's a tasty breakfast


So good for breakfast 😋

4 Chicken McBites

It is like really god

5 Big Mac

maybe the least healthy one, but it's so unique and tasty. also the sauce is so yammy

Bad for you, but SO good!

It makes me really really fat, and by the way I live in the land of the obese USA

The sauce taste so good! TWT

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6 Chicken McNuggets

Good! Very so, totally awesome good!

Awful! They had bones and/or cartilage in them. When I brought them back show manager, she simply offered me a free replacement

Come on, McNuggets are awesome. They are better than French fries. - JackLawler

By far the best item on the menu!

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7 Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese

My name is Maddie and I love MCDONALDS! LOL

OMG! So tasty and awesome. Best burger ever!

It's the Royale with cheese!

I found hair on my quarter puonder

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8 McChicken

I get cheese on it as well and OH MY GOD its amazing! I get one every week!

This is SO good. I love the tender spiceness in it that makes you crave more.

I get them like every they are haven bruh

9 McFlurry

Why is this outside top 10? Ice cream is the best thing ever

I love this from McDonald's it's so good.

I love flurry there the best

Mm pick from delicious oreo cookies or mouth watering crucnhy m and ms.

10 Angus Snack Wrap

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11 Hot Cakes

They are so good I eat 4 trays

Soft and fluffy

12 McDouble

I lack thait dang bonpoon berger yous got.

13 Filet-O-Fish

Best thing ever

Godly,enough' said

14 Breakfast Sausage Burrito

YES I'm glad this is actually on the list. BEST FOOD IN HE ENTIRE WORLD

Good as hell with there salsa packs

15 Angus Third Pounder
16 Spicy Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich
17 Chicken Selects
18 Shamrock Shake

The only shake that's not 100% artificial

Lt us start a request to end the seasonal stuff. make it year round!

19 Spicy Chicken Wrap

! Best wrap I have ever tasted!

20 Double Sausage & Egg Mcmuffin
21 McCafé Frappé Chocolate Chip

Personally, this is my beyond favorite thing. Even though I work at McDonalds, this calls me whenever I have a day off! Laugh out loud!

Tasty! I Love them! - KingFab

22 McGriddles

Best thing ever change the egg it comes with for a round egg boom amazing!

More calories than a Big Mac

23 Jalapeno Double

Spicy and delish

24 Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce



25 Vanilla Milkshake
26 Double Cheeseburger

This is amazing! I don't know how people can't like this. I was stunned when I first saw this. And now in some places they have triple cheeseburgers!

27 Hash Browns

So good must b number 1

28 Southern Style Chicken Biscuit

Ever tried Time Out? Well if you try this Time Out will seem like bullcrap!

29 Hamburger

I love hamburgers. They are my favorite food.

30 Big Tasty
31 Chicken Tenders
32 McRib

Best sandwich at McDonalds, I wish it wasn't seasonal.

33 Original Chicken Sandwich

A awesome thing for picky eaters like me

34 Sugar Donut

It's light, fluffy and just heaven!

35 Bacon McDouble
36 Southwest Salad

Best thing in Mcdonalds

37 McCafe Oreo Frappé
38 Cheese Bites

They are to die for

39 Chicken Salsa
40 White Chocolate French Fries
41 Quarter Pounder BLT

Perfect. My number 1

42 Cinnamelts
43 McCafé Caramel Frappé
44 McArabia Chicken
45 Veggie Burger
46 Side Salad

Salad is healthy for me and all of the people
on earth.

47 Strawberry Pie
48 Sausage McMuffin W/ Egg
49 Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken
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