Most Tasty Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is so luxurious. The moment you look at it, it's mouth-watering. Though there is lots of types of Chocolate. What's your favourite...

The Top Ten

1 Milk

One of the most popular chocolates and such an original flavour. - uncleteapot

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2 Dark

I'm sorry, but I can't stand this flavor of chocolate. The flavor is just too weird for me. - Minecraftcrazy530

Its lovely (as long as you don't eat too much) but it's VERY sickly sometimes. - uncleteapot

3 Mint

Mint is my favourite, its not very popular but it's a taste that will never let you eat anything but mint chocolate. - uncleteapot

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4 White

White chocolate is my favorite type of chocolate! It's just so delicious, even though it's not really chocolate.

Again, one of the most popular chocolates, but eating white chocolate is like a disco in your mouth. - uncleteapot

5 Caramel
6 Plain

The most original flavour of ALL. Not usually for eating (mostly baking) but its not sickly, nor no flavour at all. Its just perfect. - uncleteapot

7 Butterscotch


8 Hazelnut

It's so addictive and yummy, not only is it tasty, it has vitamins and energy. So it is healthy. - uncleteapot

Reminds me of Nutella

9 Cookie

Only one word. AMAZING. - uncleteapot

10 Chilli

The Contenders

11 Fudge
12 Honeycomb
13 Bitter

Not the best, but if you chew for a while, the tip of your tongue can feel a taste you can never forget. - uncleteapot

14 Black Black
15 Toffee
16 Ginger
17 Raisin
18 Chocolate Buttons
19 Black

You have to be in a certain mood for black chocolate. - uncleteapot

20 Orange
21 Raspberry
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