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This video was originally taken down due to horrid audio issues where they were times when the sound of clips were much louder than of the guys narrating the reason where that is placed. This is also one of my favorites from TapsTopVideos this is what they consider the 40 most Disturbing Moments in Kids Cartoons and Films.

#40 Strangers - Berestain Bears: Interesting entry to start off the list, it was the typical stranger danger pretty much vision for the kids to really believe having such a cruel smiling face, and they say ''I got candy.''

#39 The Last World - Garfield Show: I'm not sure if this is just me, but do you ever feel like hallucinating to yourself when you have eaten nothing, nor a beverage. Not sure if that's the case with this episode of a forgotten cartoon fading away.

#38 Alone - Spongebob Squarepants: I remember watching this one, and thinking to myself yeah random voices all chanting out similar words is incredibly creepy when Squidward travels in all sorts of time frames.

#37 Slaughter - Chicken Run: hmm... no violence yet the imagery of the description is enough for this to be here, but I have seen what part there talking about it happens early on in the film Mrs. Tweedy picks out the chicken that could not lay an egg, and thus she goes in the back to slaughter its head for dinner yeah I know, but again they do not show it is implied that is the fate of these chickens.

#36 Final Fight - The Great Mouse Detective: During the final battle with Ratigan, he becomes enraged and deiced to eliminate the detective for good, and establish himself as the monarchy. Only that he almost succeed until seeing the detective hang on to another air balloon, as both the protagonist, and antagonists fall to the clouds.

#35 Climax - Hunchback of Notre Dame: This scene is one of Disney's darkest moments ever as Claude Frollo tries to murder Hunchback, and Esmeralda only to fall down to his burned flesh brutal.

#34 Nagged - Ed, Edd, n Eddy:The Ed's get lost in the woods, and the kanker sisters end up snatching them to there selves as they ed's are lost they had no idea what they would encounter. Honestly though the episode where Jimmy is losing his mind, and random people talking to the lifeless cardboards is way more disturbing than this one that's just me.

#33 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse - Tom and Jerry: A parody with the similar name had the iconic duo pretty much chasing one another in the most nightmare fueling ways ever to remember especially when Tom grows incredibly tall to the point his tiny like Jerry.

#32 Dark Sea - Little Toot: I have never seen this, but this was probably one of the biggest reason of the video originally getting deleted was that the audio for the cartoon film was louder than the narrators themselves, and you could understand exactly why it was there.

#31 Tarzan Vs Clayton - Tarzan: This is one very disturbing imagery when you see Clayton's shadow hanging to death is something that a young kid probably would never witnessed like that ever. Almost the equivalent to what many do when the accept there time has gone.

#30 Sugar Zombie - Cramp Twins: Wayne played too much video games in this episode to the point he becomes a different person, a zombie if you will, and goes to the point to ripping someone's car like wow.

#29 Cave of Wonders - Aladdin: That head is just disturbing when it speaks it like oh man rough, yet somewhat terrifying for kids.

#28 Mac Daddy - Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends: Right the episode that gave us the birth of Cheese was a very dark episode of the show when Bloo goes crazy, and eventually has these images of cheese in horrid situations, and there is odd music playing that is out of place of the cartoon. Of course when he is seen okay he was just back to normal sort of.

#27 Cow's Tongue - Cow & Chicken: This is just dumb, and yet something kids would not want to think is possible that your tongue can come out that easy is just absurd. The thing literally causes all sorts of havoc in which makes absolute no sense as this was one of the few on this show that pushed to standards of the likes of Rocko's Modern Life, or Ren & Stimpy.

#26 The Grave - Mickey Christmas Carol: The thing is I've seen this done in a lot of shows where they have a Christmas future, and his always shown to be evil for the most part.

#25 Swimming In Souls - Hercules: I guess for suspense you would believe that our hero would die, nope he did not still having a tad of god powers left he beat Hades at his own game pushing him off to seal his fate.

#24 Dream Machine - Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter had a lot of disturbing moments from Rude Removal, to various other episodes, but here is just wow that is a nightmare you don't want to dream about Dee Dee invading your mind sound all demonic as you try to escape out somehow.

#23 Insane Donald - Mickey and the Beanstalk: Starvation for Donald Duck turns him into a desperate killing machine chopping that cow one of darkest Disney things in the early portions especially for that type of film to pull that surprise on you is something.

#22 Sid's Room - Toy Story: Deformed mutant toy's sure some look disturbing, but they never bothered me every time I watched the first Toy Story because its just that awesome for 1995 its was groundbreaking to see something like that.

#21 ''Headless Horsemen Pursuit - Legend of Sleepy Hollow'': What they actually meant is Ichabod and Mr. Toad actually they got the wrong title since I actually knew what the scene was actually from. Yeah that would scare the crap out of any kid seeing no head body throwing pumpkins at you.

#20 Buy one, get one free - What A Cartoon!: This short is about animal abuse, and its message is said not to do what this rich gentleman does to his cat is just unsettling, and quite a fitting end lock him up for good.

#19 Short Orders - Yuckie Duckie: This short bit is just not the right way to put up a streak that is just out in 5 minutes is just wrong especially in a 7 minute short like this oh dear.

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#18 My Peeps - The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Now some of these I may repeat myself if I am then I apologize with that said i'm going to restate exactly the same words from the last video. '' I feel like there is another one out there that's just as equal, but yeah I've seen this one a lot, and yeah those real life eyes are creepy enough to think the pulled on the audience that one time only.''

#17 Speed Demon - Powerpuff Girls: Okay different HIM episode not the tough love one, okay this one is different as the girls race one another, and they accidentally go to fast, and advance towards the future where its the end of the world, and they have abandoned the city of townsville to HIM as they look all zombified saying ''you're fault!'' yeah that would be quite the odd setting to not get with an episode dark as this one was.

#16 Clown Dream - Brave Little Toaster: As the toaster in this dream state turns into one heavy nightmare as this clown appears with a hose filled with things to electrocute it all fired up man maybe not the level of pennywise, but man.

#15 Transformation - Snow White: Awe yes the once creepy for its time, but now kinda formulaic twisted scenes like this one where the queen turns into an old hag. I get it, but not the realm of what I foresee personally maybe a good spot to start with would make a whole lotta sense.

#14 Bimbo Initiation - Betty Boop: This has to be the oldest entry of all of these its in black, and white, and Bimbo is literally in hell with facing a ton of fears while also refusing to join whatever it is offered for the process to stop.

#13 Transformation (again) - Pinocchio: Two transformations close to one another, just could not decide which one was more worthy well the donkey scene does make way more way then the kinda cliche Queen choice. Here you witness people turning into one of them its like seeing a marine in Halo become one of the Flood point proven next.

#12 Perfect - Courage the Cowardly Dog: Okay this one everyone knows for the blue spawn that says in low pitch sound ''you're not perfect'' then it goes into 4 other looking dreams that are completely random like the illuminate has control of what Courage dreams of like what a strange conspiracy to make with an episode like this, but it could be possible for the random scenes being shown the way they are.

#11 Undead Army - The Black Cauldron: Awe yes the Horned King was a fearful Villain in a so so, but underrated Black Cauldron he summons to rise while taking over the world while seeing the undead army walk in a rather visually scary movement ghost like scene by quickly taking down a human army.

#10 Tales of Worm Paranoia - What a Cartoon!: The last of the 3 What a Cartoon section, and barely making the top 10 in terms of disturbing hmm... let's see looks normal until pouring some random acid like bottle on himself, and we get a close up of his ruined one parted eye.

#9 Night on Bald Mountain - Fantasia: The devil with no words, with followers created for his own amusement, its also one of the most memorable pieces of Fantasia even if its incredibly dark tone it is also iconically awesome.

#8 Rabbit Rabies - Watership Down: More less violence in this films was stunning to see for something you would think seemed harmless turns out to be a really hidden gem film that turned out to be great. During the mid end to the film is where we see to rabbits fight it out, and eventually Gen. Woumdwort tries to spread hid disease onto the other innocent rabbits meanwhile one of them sacrifices themselves for them to get out of there.

#7 The Mysterious Stranger - The Adventures of Mark Twain: After traveling to typical safe areas the kids meet Satan who at first acts generally normal tone until demonstrating his side of darkness by destroying the clay that was constructed as the kids ran away the mysterious one kept on talking until we would carry with the film totally disturbing especially that voice still chilling.

#6 Judge Doom in Cartoon form - Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Well he might as well of been labeled the stalking/creeper throughout the film, and near the end of the film he gets wacky when he is revealed to be a half cartoon as our hero Hoskins looked to be in trouble until finding ways to stop our antagonist by putting him in thin acid trapped of his own dip while screaming in defeat haunting.

#5 Boat Trip - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971): Oh Yeah gene Wilder one the one that is great, and not that Johnny Depp one that is no where as good as this, but anyways yeah the tunnel screen was just there because we need jump scares?

#4 Large Marge - Pee Wee's Big Adventure: This has to be the most disturbing, maybe even the scariest face I have ever seen to date I mean who pulls off a creepy face like that, and make kids remember it with a lot of scares.

#3 King Ramses - Courage the Cowardly Dog: That voice, the plagues all combined into one he is scary, and intimidating you will suffer his curse I guarantee it don't defy the curse... Eustace.

#2 Stimpy's Fan Club - Ren & Stimpy: This one always got me like the way the imagery was, the dark tone this episode really took it over the top with Ren's jealously into obsession to eliminate essentially. While that's what i'm gonna do I can understand, but this one stretches it way further from the rest of them. Look up the episode alone, and see Ren's hands with black screen that I found very disturbing.

#1 Pink Elephants - Dumbo: This is the highest scariest Disney moment, and the most disturbing huh. I definitely do not agree, but people are gonna say well you did not look at it a different point well I get the whole pink flashing lights, and all that, but from what I saw from the list. This be near like high 30's honestly I fought Clayton's death was beyond dark for a Kids film seeing a hanging of a character like that.

That was the list, they got most of these rights I mean I get most of these some I still can't quite get like 32 to this day. overall this is a classic that is to me a great video despite bad audio issues throughout the progression of the two parts.


I think I might be the only one who found Stimpy's Fan Club hilarious all the way through. and I can't really explain why. Maybe it's because of how over the top Ren got? Maybe it was me knowing that Stimpy wouldn't actually be murdered? Alas, I don't know, that episode just never seemed to bother me. Ironic, as I found Squidward's travel to nowhere unwatchable in how terrifying it was as a kid. Guess consistency wasn't my strong-suit, huh? - nerffan8000

To me that is the most underrated disturbing moment in Spongebob because people are gonna throw in the Butterfly which never bugged me, or some of the later seasons of spongebob such as the Splinter, or I can see Nosferatu, but to me hearing voices, and to boot Squidward is petrified is quite chilling. Between two infamous Ren, and Stimpy moments I just felt in the end Stimpy's Fan Club went a little more closer to disturbing than did that's what I'm gonna in which case was one I thought was pretty funny. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah, I found "That's what I'm gonna do" funny as well, even when I first saw it. I'm surprised a lot of people take it so seriously. Same with the butterfly, that never bugged me either. - nerffan8000