Best Tavares #1 Fan Songs from Mean Jean


The Top Ten

1 Monster

Catchiest chorus ever stop acting like a monster stop being like a monster before everything goes well
I love it

First of all the video can give you nightmares and it is a huge radio hit and their catchiest song ever. - gotavares

2 Nothing
3 Careless Driving
4 The Most Ridiculous Thing That I Have Ever Heard
5 Suns, Planets and Moons

It is great and catchy way to start mean Jean and it had a great video

6 Man Cave
7 Denis Potvin
8 The Blinding Blizzard
9 When I Think of Pretzel Maker My Mouth Waters and I Lick My Lips
10 Sometimes In Uniondale

The Contenders

11 The Greshter
12 Toes With Froes
13 Guitar Goodbye
14 We Make Files, Not Piles
15 From Under the Pine Tree
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