Best Tavares #1 Fan Songs from Mean Jean

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Catchiest chorus ever stop acting like a monster stop being like a monster before everything goes well
I love it

First of all the video can give you nightmares and it is a huge radio hit and their catchiest song ever. - gotavares

Careless Driving
The Most Ridiculous Thing That I Have Ever Heard
Suns, Planets and Moons

It is great and catchy way to start mean Jean and it had a great video

Man Cave
Denis Potvin
The Blinding Blizzard
When I Think of Pretzel Maker My Mouth Waters and I Lick My Lips
Sometimes In Uniondale

The Contenders

The Greshter
Toes With Froes
Guitar Goodbye
We Make Files, Not Piles
From Under the Pine Tree
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