Best Tavares' #1 Fan Songs


The Top Ten

1 Persephone In the Underworld

Best song ever best song from some strange myths

2 Cavitation Police

Great song radio hit best song from new album - gotavares

First of all the biggest hit the best sound and it's HEAVY - gotavares

A good heavy song and mean intro. I love it it is a rocker also with dangling silver..
But nothing beats this song and the purple people album

3 Nothing
4 The Lion Loses His Lunch
5 Dangling Silver Unicorn Acorns Presented by Golden Elephants
6 Can You Do What You Can Do?
7 Monster
8 Odysseus and the Storm
9 The Most Ridiculous Thing That I Have Ever Heard
10 Leftover Food from a Gas Station

The Contenders

11 Purple People from Planet Pluto

To begin with this video is flawless marriage in space just perfect and other things too... one if their most popular songs... this and leftover food from a gas station are heavy and deep and great songs nothing like a song about a bell that causes a marriage excellent - gotavares

12 Careless Driving
13 The Rainbow Python
14 Man Cave
15 Lone Bird and the Moon
16 Spanish Taco
17 Denis Potvin
18 Intermission
19 Suns, Planets and Moons
20 The Blinding Blizzard
21 Ol - Olin, God of the Sea
22 Mona Lisa
23 Pee It All Out!
24 That Weird Feeling
25 We Make Files, Not Piles
26 The Greshter
27 Sometimes In Uniondale
28 Fake As Aliens
29 Grade 21
30 (Oh) Those Glasses On Your Face
31 When I Think of Pretzel Maker My Mouth Waters and I Lick My Lips
32 From Under the Pine Tree
33 Guitar Goodbye
34 Crazy People In a Candy Hospital
35 Parmesan Crusted Breadsticks Made All Out of Recycled Materials
36 Blood On the Mountain
37 Final Song
38 I Would Really Appreciate It If You Meet My Guitar
39 Piano Introduction
40 Jupiter and Aeneas
41 Toes With Froes
42 Total Accident
43 Roll and Rock
44 The End of the World
45 Bones
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