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21 If This Was a Movie

This song is so damn relatable. I listened to it after my break up.. Makes you kinda emotional. I just love this song!

It has not only a catchy melody but her true feelings

! I love this song.

I like taylor swift she is the best singer that I think.
- Hi Taylor Swift I am a fan of yours

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22 Forever & Always


It's so cute

23 Blank Space

Lmfao Blank Space is about the media.

Lol, Blank Space isn't a breakup song.

i love her

Yeahhh it is just a song abt her ex

24 Wildest Dreams V 3 Comments
25 New Romantics

It's like 22 for the people who are still at school!

I love this song and 22! they are her best songs ever

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26 Fifteen
27 The Lucky One

This song's about fame, not a breakup...

28 The Last Time

I can't explain how relate-able this song is. I've dated a guy 5 times and he's always the one leaving.

I'm dedicating this song to a guy who broke my heart in the blink of an eye

29 Bad Blood

This is not a break up song this is a diss track aimed at Katy Perry

One of my favourite songs of all time.

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30 Holy Ground

So sad this song isn't too popular. Taylor in general is a great songwriter, but this songs stands out amongst others. It's not about "I'm breaking up with you, you jerk! " or "I can't forgive you" or "I'm sorry", it's about "We can stop dating but still be friends".

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31 Tell Me Why

This has a great meaning behind it and more people should hear it!

It's so catchy. Possibly one of my favourite songs off Fearless.

32 Clean

The song that I can relate to best

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33 Come Back Be Here V 1 Comment
34 Last Christmas
35 How You Get the Girl

Love Taylor swift said 2 year old Ruby

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36 Ours

Love the song

Whic genius consiered this a BREAKUP song?!

37 Invisible

This song describes my self

This should be 1st in the list

38 I'd Lie

She was younger when she wrote I'd Lie, so obviously it's not going to be as well written as her other ones.

Great song exactly like a guy I have a crush on right now

39 Out of the Woods

'Remember when you hit the breaks too soon? Twenty stitches in the hospital room.'
'You were looking at me...'
'You took a Polaroid of us.'
'The rest of the world was black and white... We were in screaming color.'

40 Shake It Off

This song is not about break up, no..

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