Best Taylor Swift Dance Themes


The Top Ten

1 New Romantics

I just love to dance to this song. Can't wait for the video. - LexiLovesMusic

2 How You Get the Girl

I don't know why this is so underrated. - LexiLovesMusic

3 22

Ah, from the RED era. Country turning into pop. - LexiLovesMusic

4 Fearless

I don't know why this song is SO UNDERRATED... - LexiLovesMusic

5 Shake It Off

Definitely! Why isn't this #1 - LexiLovesMusic

6 All You Had To Do Was Stay

Why didn't this end up as 1 it could've been EASY. - LexiLovesMusic

7 I Wish You Would

I wish you would promote this to #1. - LexiLovesMusic

8 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I used to love this song👌 - LexiLovesMusic

9 Our Song

This is a great song once you get past the fake-oh country accent... - LexiLovesMusic

10 Out Of The Woods

The beat of Out Of The Woods is AMAZING! I have great memories of it too... - LexiLovesMusic

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