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21 All Too Well All Too Well

This song is not the best at the start, but when it brings you all the flashbacks of past relationships, and you realize you DO remember it all too well, you realize how enchanting the lyrics are and how heart touching the melody is. This deserves more than 0.8%, and if you ever heard the piano version by Taylor you'd realize how this actually should have been a single, and would have been a chart topping hit one.

I fell in love with this song. I could relate to the fact that those you love the most could just leave you in a flash. But it's the beautiful memories we share with them that we miss. "I remember it all too well..."

22 Begin Again Begin Again

Why this song is on number.37. I mean this song deserve to be in top 15.. Every time I listen to this I get emotional. This song music video is also very nice.. Come on everybody vote please.

23 Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams

I think this is one of her best songs and should be at least in to the top ten. - PopularStarfish

24 Crazier Crazier

With Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" I could say this is the best of Hannah Montana: The Movie.

LOVE this song it should be in no. One but? This soñg is so beautiful so so BEAUTIFUL beautiful it suits on the relationship of me with JB THAT YOU MAKE ME CRAZIER LOVE this please listen this song

25 Haunted

Guys, haunted is my song for when I fell in love with this guy, who I thought I knew and he turned out different. This song helped me through the hard times so please vote for it!

26 You're Not Sorry You're Not Sorry V 1 Comment
27 Speak Now Speak Now

This is my favorite song! It's the best!

28 White Horse White Horse

I is a wonderful song, I am shocked that how is it no. 32
I just love this lovely song

29 Tim McGraw Tim McGraw
30 Teardrops On My Guitar Teardrops On My Guitar

It is just such a great love song. Why is this number 45? It's just such a good song.

I love it! it totes deserved the country award! #billboardwinner

31 Fearless Fearless

I Really Love this song.
Hope Taylor Swift will come to Indonesia soon
And sing this amazing song.

32 Never Grow Up Never Grow Up

Such a beautiful song by Taylor, as usual. This song should be no. 1 love the lyrics about someone young and innocent that Taylor doesn't want to get hurt...

Really touching song by Taylor Swift. I think this song should be in the top 5. It's really beautiful.

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33 Safe & Sound Safe & Sound

Safe and sound is the best song literately

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34 Ours Ours

Definitely Ours. This song is so confident, yet adorable. I want to have a love like this--unashamed, and unafraid of what people might think about your match. This can relate to everyday people, and yet relates to Taylor so much. I love that about all of her songs.

How is this not higher in the list! I love taylor swift but this is her sweetest song!

What?!,Not even the top 10?!. It's probably her sweetest,most confident and hopeful song about love

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35 You Are In Love You Are In Love

I just love it so much

36 Breathe Breathe

Why is this not higher up? 22 is above this! For best Taylor Swift love songs?!

37 Untouchable Untouchable

You could leave the lyrics of this song on someone's doorstep as an anonymous love letter.

38 Ronan Ronan

What's more heartbreaking than loosing your child from cancer at a very young age of 4? I get very emotional every time I hear the song..

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39 Bad Blood Bad Blood V 1 Comment
40 I'm Only Me When I'm With You I'm Only Me When I'm With You
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