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41 Untouchable

You could leave the lyrics of this song on someone's doorstep as an anonymous love letter.

42 Bad Blood

Reminds me of Abigail Zemp she's a bully who doesn't like me

This song is actully about Katy Perry

43 Ronan

What's more heartbreaking than loosing your child from cancer at a very young age of 4? I get very emotional every time I hear the song..

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44 I'm Only Me When I'm With You
45 New Romantics

It's the reflection of the pop industry today.

I think this is my favorite. So catchy! - SaoirseSeal

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46 Treacherous

I am a huge fan of Taylor swift, and I have so many favorites, but Treacherous is definitely one of my favorites! I love the overwhelming sound of the music during the chorus. Listening to that part makes me feel so joyful as if I am the one in love

Completely agree with you:)
"Your name has echoed through my mind and l just, think you should think you should know "
Much moved by that overwhelming sound

47 Forever & Always V 2 Comments
48 The Last Time V 1 Comment
49 Wonderland

This is such a catchy, upbeat song! Easy to love. - SaoirseSeal

50 Picture to Burn V 3 Comments
51 State of Grace

This song is so amazing and perfect! It has the most beautiful lyrics: "we learn to live with the pain; mosaic broken hearts"

52 The Outside V 2 Comments
53 Shake It Off

This song is literally amazing! It's so catchy and I love playing it over and over again.. Should definitely be number 1!

Give me inspiration to shake off the bullies

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54 Style
55 The Moment I Knew
56 I Know Places

I love the beginning and end, and verses and bridge

I can't believe it didn't top the list

Best song how is it not on the list

57 Our Song

I LOVE this sweet girly song I LOVE this line I was crack jack done with my hair undone in a front seat of his car he got one hand feel on a stear wheel the other on my haert beautiful

Lovely song. Its best after you belong with me and love story...
But where's love story?

This is an amezing song can't taylor is awesome she sings very enchantedly which sparkles red in your mind and bcm our song

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58 Fifteen

This song is amazing! It teaches young girls so much about going into high school. How to find true friends and yield off pressures from other students.

This Songs has a good imagination of scenes inside and beautiful solo Guitar Play!

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