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21 If This Was a Movie If This Was a Movie

I think this song was so meaningful... It's like, we hope the somebody to come here and stay with us, but only in the movie.. Not in reality..

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22 Everything Has Changed Everything Has Changed

This should definitely be higher! It is so sweet and a good slow song to dance to. Actually, I danced to it last night at a dance and I felt a connection... My new favorite song because of that.

I think this song is really great. Especially two of the most amazing artists like Taylor and ed are combined into a song. This deserves to be in the top ten.

This is my favorite song. the duet of two persons with an angelic voice is love

23 Sad, Beautiful, Tragic Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

I love this song because it tells a story and you can hear the emotion in her voice the lyrics are meaningful and it's just amazing

The music can make you cry, her voice is heartbreaking, and don't even get me started on the lyrics

Saddest Song EVER...not even just because of the lyrics...just the music in it makes me almost cry

24 Never Grow Up Never Grow Up

That one point when her voice breaks when she sings "i don't wanna ever grow up" is so emotional, I cry every time!

This song makes me cry literally every time I hear it, but it's also really sweet and touching.

This song makes me cry every time

25 Haunted Haunted

This is the best Taylor Swift song, I think. This song is definitely not the type she usually sings. I am in love witch this song. This song is my favorite. I really LOVE it. I would personally recommend this to be on the top of "Top 10 Taylor Swift Break Up Songs. " I love you Taylor for creating a song like this.

26 I Almost Do I Almost Do

I wish that I could run to you... Every time I don't, I almost do.

Why was this not on the list already?
'I can't say hello to you and risk another goodbye'

And asking me if I want to try again with you... and I almost do
this song makes me really sad! I can really feel the emotions huhuhu

27 The Best Day The Best Day

The only song by taylor which talking about fathers and no votes?.. so mean -_-!

28 Invisible Invisible

This song are the best.. Although it was slow song, I can't understand the meaning of this song... 'with can be a beautiful, miracle, unbelieveable, state I'm just invisible'

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29 Ronan Ronan

Slow song but seriously this song is so sad and emotional

So sad it almost made me cry... Taylor Swift biggest fan!

Awesome song... Should b in top 10... I can't stop listning it... Please vote for dis.. Love you ts...

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30 Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful song that reminds me of my boyfriend

31 Come Back... Be Here V 3 Comments
32 Blank Space Blank Space V 4 Comments
33 Long Live Long Live

Taylor on her speak now world tour said that this song is totally, 100 percent for us (her fans)totally in love with this song & it's lyrics

34 Come In With the Rain Come In With the Rain

This song is so unnoticed, but it's one I listen to while lying around and staring at the wall, listening to the rain upon the window.

35 Clean Clean

This song is very deep and renewing. I think it is very strong, yet soft at the same time.

This should be in the top 10! And when it gets there, Think I'm finally clean.

This song is definitely the "part two" to All Too Well.

The secret message to this song is "She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything."

The broken, lost, blurred girl found herself.


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36 Mine Mine

My first taylor swift song I had ever heard. It continues to be my fave because it reminds me of my recent breakup

Every time when I listen 2 dis song it makes me remember my boyfriend

This is one of her est songs, but not a slow song... - perreth

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37 This Love This Love

This song is one of her best. It has a dreamy effect. It sad and sweet and essential. It's got a lot of emotion. This song, like Dear John, again proves the diversity of her voice.

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38 Love Story Love Story V 3 Comments
39 The Lucky One The Lucky One

My favorite song. It's not exactly a 'slow song', but it's at a slower pace than a lot of her other songs. Honestly, the first time I heard this song, I cried. I love Tay so much.

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40 Didn't They

Sad, unreleased song, but so sad about 9/11.

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