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41 Superstar
42 Mine

My first taylor swift song I had ever heard. It continues to be my fave because it reminds me of my recent breakup

Every time when I listen 2 dis song it makes me remember my boyfriend

This is one of her est songs, but not a slow song... - perreth

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43 Didn't They

Sad, unreleased song, but so sad about 9/11.

44 You Are In Love V 2 Comments
45 Dark Blue Tennessee
46 Sweeter Than Fiction
47 Welcome to New York
48 Starlight
49 Drops of Jupiter
50 Mean

It's obvious Taylor made this as a reference to her bullied childhood. She was bullied for her love of country music

51 I Knew You Were Trouble V 2 Comments
52 The Lucky One

My favorite song. It's not exactly a 'slow song', but it's at a slower pace than a lot of her other songs. Honestly, the first time I heard this song, I cried. I love Tay so much.

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53 The Story of Us V 1 Comment
54 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This is NOT slow guys

55 Treacherous

I feel like no one likes me and cares for me. My friend is friends with another girl who is mean and rude to me. I need to come home and cry and listen to a sad song. She only asks me "is she here today? " And not oh how was your drives me crazy! Today she wasn't there because she was sick but mean girl so so she did t talk to me at the others girls asked me to sit with them at lunch and at choir...really cheered me up!

I previously shared a comment and my name is Malinda and I just want you to know her name is Mary d.

56 Tied Together With a Smile

This song is deeply moving and incredibly emotional. The only possible reason that this is down this low on the list is that it's pretty Unknown. Best lyrics are: 'you cry but you don't tell anyone / you might not be the golden one / and you're tied together with a smile / but you're coming undone.'

She sings about depression, self harm and suicide in this song. Taylor wrote this after she she found out that one of her friends had anorexia and I can relate very deeply to how she must have felt back then and the mood of this song.

57 I Wish You Would
58 Bad Blood
59 Speak Now
60 Today Was a Fairytale
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