Top Ten Taylor Swift Songs With the Best Lyrics

The Top Ten Taylor Swift Songs With the Best Lyrics

1 You Belong With Me

It's the most enchanting song of my favourites

2 Blank Space

YES! YES great lyrics. No awesome lyrics.

I love youer voice. Gabbyh I am 8 and you are awesome

3 All Too Well

-You call me up again just to break me like a promise- I love this line

How is this #10? Has the best lyrics ever! - KcSunshine1

4 Style
5 Love Story

Deserves number 1

6 Last Kiss

To me after all too well these are the saddest lyrics


7 Long Live
8 Mine

It should be waaay higher than style, in my opinion

9 I Knew You Were Trouble

I love this song!

Yeah! Yeah! I love this song.

10 Red

I am from India. I love this song. I WISHED Taylor would come here. I just love her.

I SO agree with you. I'm from India too, and I would do anything to have her perform in Mumbai. That would be a dream come true!

Yeah! Red's very good song, but I don't like her generally cause 22, Shake it off & many others are terrible! - Fan_of_Good_Music

The Contenders

11 Clean
12 Begin Again

The lyrics are so sweet and adorable also really mature I think it should be higher x

13 Ronan
14 Mean
15 Call It What You Want
16 Dear John
17 Enchanted
18 I Know Places
19 22
20 The Lucky One

I love the lyrics

21 Last Christmas
22 Jump Then Fall
23 Santa Baby

Parents should show this song to their kids that were only good so they could get the presents they wanted.

24 New Year's Day

It is SO meaningful! Just simple things people should apply to their life.

25 Our Song
26 Back to December
27 Haunted
28 Bad Blood
29 Tied Together With a Smile

I'm surprised I had to add this to the list! This song is so meaningful and I had felt the lyrics related to me.

This song is beautiful...
It really makes me think

30 Stay Beautiful
31 Everything Has Changed

This song may have the best lyrics I have ever heard. It's just such an emotional and meaningful song, I often cry when I listen to it.

32 Innocent

Who you are is not what you did, you still an innocent

This song has saved my life - Heyy7868

33 The Best Day
34 Treacherous
35 I Don't Wanna Live Forever
36 I Heart Question Mark
37 Sweeter Than Fiction
38 Teardrops on My Guitar
39 Tell Me Why
40 Safe and Sound
41 Highway Don't Care
42 Holy Ground
43 How You Get the Girl
44 Umbrella
45 Christmas Must Be Something More
46 Out of the Woods
47 Getaway Car
48 Wonderland
49 Soon You’ll Get Better
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