Top Ten Teachers We Have To Deal With At School


The Top Ten

1 The Strict One

Which is 5 of my teachers,but I still misbehave in their classes,just for the lulzz - Nateawesomeness

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2 The Old One

My first grade teacher died when I was in second grade and she was 89.

We used to one of these at our school... Then she retired!

If it's an elementary one,she's nice,if it's anything else,she most likely will be mean - Nateawesomeness

3 The Stressed One
4 The One That Doesn't Let You Do Anything V 2 Comments
5 The One That Gives Out An Insane Amount Of Assignments

My English teacher is like that. - Elina

6 The Grumpy One
7 The One Who Only Has You Read For An Hour

Every replacement teacher we have. - Elina

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8 The One Who Doesn't Care

I have a teacher like this. Kids playing games, people cussing, loud music, and she does not care at all. - Pegasister12

I hate teachers of this type! I'm telling this with all emotion! Insensitive people are the worst! - Kiteretsunu

My Science teacher doesn't care if we use our phones or sleep in class. Which I do. - Elina

If they don't care then they really shouldn't be teachers!

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9 The Always Pissed Off Annoyed One
10 The One Who Tells Too Many Stories

The Contenders

11 The One Who Overreacts
12 The Fat One
13 The One Who Thinks They're Strict

I hate them so much! Everyone in the room is quiet because we don't want detentions, not because we're scared of you!

14 The One That Always Gives Homework
15 The One That Grades Everything
16 The One That Hates You for What You Support or Believe In
17 The One That Thinks Mistakes Don't Exist
18 The Narcissist

We were asked a question just recently on a test kinda like this:

What does NAIA stand for?

A. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
B. Naked Animals In Atlanta
C. Nathan Anderson Is Awesome <------- (I changed it to something like Nathan Anderson Isn't Awesome)
D. Not A International Athlete

19 The "It's Sounds Like a Personal Problem" One
20 The Flirtatious One
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