Best Team Fortress 2 Classes

This list will present with you the top 9 best classes for Team Fortress 2. It will discuss their role, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a class.

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1 Soldier (Offense) Soldier (Offense)

Overall, this is the best class. He's an all ranged fighter with deadly weapons, great health, and a perfect personality. In groups he can be a great helper from going on a rampage, to providing suppressing fire, or even to give crit boosts with one of his items. Though this class is slower than other classes (but not as slow as the Heavy) he can be a target at some points of time. But besides that there's nothing else bad to say about this class, besides that he's easy to use and shows satisfying results. - drakeh1

This guy has it all: speed, health and damage. The only big problems are that he is not particularly excellent at anything specific, and he is also susceptible to high self-damage. He has a huge arsenal, allowing him to employ a broad range of tactics, and is arguably one of the best "medic buddies" out of all the classes. - Hayzze

He is good for new people to team fortress 2 ( TF2 ) and for getting places higher then other classes PERFECT class for every skill level


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2 Scout (Offense) Scout (Offense)

Speed is the Scouts advantage in battles, allowing him to run the quickest and perform double jumps in midair. Plus, he can capture objectives or control points faster than anybody else on his team. Though this sounds nice, he has a couple of disadvantages. He has probably the least amount of health than anyone else and that his weapons are made for close quarters and are not made for long ranged engagements. - drakeh1

I'm a noob but I can get kills with scout.

People may say that the scout is a really bad class, but I personally love it. The fast paced gameplay makes it a truly unique and his double jump is icing on the cake. He has the best personality (besides the heavy, obviously) and is truly an amazing class. He's easy to learn, and master. He takes the cake and my number one.

The scout has the most epic weapons yet such as the soda popper, the short stop, and the sand man, his speed annoys everyone, and his taunts are just the best

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3 Pyro (Offense) Pyro (Offense)

OP as hell,hate this prick.

This guy is really dangerous, but very vulnerable. He has fairly high health very high damage and fairly good speed. He deals most of his damage at close range, but is also capable of dealing damage-over-time with fire, something always readily available in his arsenal. He was originally intended for direct combat, prolonged damage and ambushes, but over time he has been created into one of the most useful support players on the battlefield. His compression blast (costs 20 flame thrower ammunition) can reflect projectiles (which mini-crit charges them or retains their critical charge if they were originally critical) and it can also douse fire inflicted by enemy pyros, or even push players back (even when "ubercharged"). His homewrecker can destroy sappers in one hit, making him more effective than engineers for destroying sappers. He is also able to spy-check very easily, as any invisible or disguised enemy spies will be visibly set on fire if caught by a smart pyro. He can also ...more

In the hands of a competent player, pyro can change from a " noob class " to hell on two legs, what's not to love about raising absolute carnage and making bad soldiers salty?

The Pyro is mainly a close quarters, offensive class that uses fire based weapons to deal with "its" foes. The reason why I say "It" is that nobody know exactly who this class is. It could be woman, a man, or even a different life form, it's up to you. Throughout your time playing as this class you are known as a spy checker, which means to burn allies to see if their an enemy spy in disguise. Pyros work best at trapping their targets and then killing them or simply leave them burn to death on their own. - drakeh1

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4 Medic (Support) Medic (Support)

Without a medic, any competitive team would loose a game within five minutes. His healing power wipes the floor with any other source of health, and is generally just a game changer in most scenarios.

The problem is even when I keep shouting for medic he never comes.

A team is not complete without a Medic at your sides. Though he's not a battle class ( though you can if you wish) he's extremely useful. It's been viewed that he can turn the tide of the battle completely, and that's true. His strength is to heal and Ubercharge other players plus himself for a short time, though it depends on the type of loadout you have as him. Unfortanetly, players may take you too much for granted sometimes and abuse your skills. - drakeh1

This guy is pretty fast, has pretty average health, health regeneration and has poor damage. His main purpose is to heal his teammates. Good medics are rewarded, that is, if you heal enough healthpoints, you are awarded with an "ubercharge" which allows your teammate (and usually yourself) around eight seconds of buffed damage or resistance. This can usually turn the tide of battle very suddenly. Medics can also "overheal", allowing them to give friendly players (and disguised enemy spies) +50% hp temporarily. His slightly faster speed means he can easily catch up to any slower teammates who are in front of him, and his reliable health level and health regeneration can help him survive longer in battle. Keep in mind that healing (both to others and to yourself) is faster when out of battle, which encourages retreats. Also, ubercharges build up faster when players are not overhealed or at full health, meaning that classes like soldiers and demomen should self-damage to build up your ...more

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5 Engineer (Defense) Engineer (Defense)

This class doesn't usually rely on his own weapons for killing, he mostly relys on his unique buildings to get his points. Dispensers give players health and ammo to resupply themselves, plus gives you metal to work with. Teleporters transport teammates to the frontlines faster, as well as yourself. Lastly, Sentry Guns are made for defending most objectives as well as getting you kills. Just keep your stuff in check and you should do fine with this class. - drakeh1

This guy is essentially a "grandpa scout". He has a similar arsenal, but has less movement speed, no double jump and no faster capturing speed. He has the same health (low), average mobility, and similar damage at first. However, when he starts to build, things will change. Though his shotgun and pistol (which has much more ammo than the scout's pistol) are somewhat reliable, most of his use comes from his buildings (he has metal which he can use to build), which can deal immense damage, heal and supply ammunition to teammates, or even teleport them across the map. Keep in mind that his buildings can take damage and can lose ammunition themselves, so always stick around them. Upgrade your buildings to level three with the wrench, and also boost construction speed. An engineer can haul and move buildings, but while doing so is slower and cannot attack. If killed while hauling a building, the building will die also. Enemy spies can take friendly teleporters, even while ...more

Without an Engineer, it might be impossible to hold back the other team. Best defensive class hands down!

He saves the team.

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6 Demoman (Defense) Demoman (Defense)

Trouble with hard to reach situations, use the Demoman. With a large range of explosive weapons and gear, this class can be a huge help. If another classes weapons don't help you with a camping enemy, flush them out with this class. Similar to the soldier, he can be an all purpose class that's ready for any situation. His health is just perfect for the type of battle that he's in. - drakeh1

A versatile class with strong offensive and defensive weapons and tactics. He can also sticky jump to the front lines faster than most soldiers. Direct hits with pipe bombs deal devastating damage, while you can set up traps with the highest damage-dealing explosive weapon in the game, the stickybomb launcher.

You can make some traps with his sticky bomb launcher, but, all in all, he's too drunk

The Best Defense class

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7 Heavy (Defense) Heavy (Defense)

Heavy can tank damage, and if you know how to strafe and flank you don't need to be pocketed. His weapon selection and damage are insane, and he can take out enemies easily if the player is skilled enough.

This big fat man can tank a lot of damage. He has high health, low mobility and incredibly high damage, but only at close range. His sandvich unlock can help him to heal either himself or his medic pocket. Basically, the heavy is useless unless he has support. When he does have support, he is incredibly powerful.

His main use is actually for his health, not his damage. Sure, he has a reliable, high damage and firing speed, minigun. But it has very bad damage fall-off, and horrible accuracy. Along with this, his low mobility generally means he won't be getting many kills alone. But, when he has a medic pocket, he becomes essentially invincible, tanking all the damage for his teammates and becoming one of the most dangerous, high value targets on the battlefield. - Hayzze

Tough yet slow this big guys got what it takes. Having the highest health than any other class, use him for big situations. His arsanel matches his class type, ranging from miniguns, to punching items, to food products that heal himself and others when dropped. His weaknesses are his slowness and size which can make him an easy target to some classes. - drakeh1

A very slow guy but with a great personality, decent health and powerful weapons this class is possibly my favourite

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8 Sniper (Support) Sniper (Support)

Generally one of the most useless classes, alongside spy, but can be very good at completing specific tasks (mainly killing fatties).

If you are a "professional sniper" than do whatever you want. However, if you are an average sniper, stick to the regular strategy. Snipers have low health, average mobility, and high damage, just like the spy. Only difference is that he has incredible range, instead of invisibility and disguises. A hitman, he is (like the spy) supposed to be used for taking out high-value-targets, such as engineers, buildings, heavies, medics and enemy snipers (if they are good). His sniper rifle can scope, to make the screen more focused while blacking out the rest of the screen apart from a circle in the middle. While doing this, a sniper is very vulnerable. However, this is usually the only way (classic and huntsman YAY) for him to get headshots and to charge his sniper rifle, two ways to greatly increase the damage of his relatively weak primary weapon (when ...more

Similar to the Spy, the Sniper takes skill and experience to master. The thing about this class is that he is entirely reliant on his team for support and just like Spy he's not a in your face type fighter. If your team lacks then chances are you will have difficulty as well. - drakeh1

If you master this class you can master aim at any class! Well that is my opinion.

The Sniper is my main class for three reasons.
1. He is a class that ACTUALLY REQUIRES SKILL.
2. I'm good at getting headshots.
3. Jarate.

9 Spy (Support) Spy (Support)

He's good for sapping engineer buildings

Spy is a master of disguise. He can become invisible and can turn his appearance to any player on any side of the battlefield, using his disguise kit.

If multiple people are playing as one class, he will randomly disguise as either one. If he really wants to look like a particular guy, he must change his disguise back and forth until he gets the right one. He can make himself appear to equip whatever weapon the enemy is currently holding, by switching to his last disguise. Disguising as his teammates can make him appear more menacing or less of a problem, this can help him either avoid enemies (for example, if he disguises as a heavy while on the cart, and an enemy scout spots him) or it can make him look like the perfect target (for a sniper) or it can make him look like he is not worth killing (if he disguises as a sniper, for example) or it can make him look like a spy (if he disguises as an friendly medic while walking into the enemy base, which will basically seal his fate ...more

The spy unfortanetly lacks in many things. First, it lacks in combat, like going against another class head on. He consists of a handgun of so kind, an electro- sapper, a knife of so kind and a disguise kit. Though he could backstab and kill players instantly he's a tough class to master. Sappers are useful in some situations but you can take out that certain problem with another class faster. The disguise kit is useful though as well as his Invis- watch, which can help him in risky situations though, but only for so long. - drakeh1

When he uses the cloak he can't do anything. I think it is much easier for some other classes to destroy sentries than him, since they don't need to walk close to it.

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