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1 Rescue Ranger

Probably the best utility Primary for Engineer, and, hey, that's what he was designed for. I'd have to say that this isn't the best Engineer weapon overall however. You lose the ability to deal high damage without your sentry. Only use this if you've got a good team. Otherwise, it'll be ridiculous trying to set up buildings and defend yourself.

Basically, what it does is this. It shoots fast moving, slightly arcing "repair claw" projectiles, which deal around 30 damage (lowest default health of any class is 125). They are more effective at range, but less effective close-up, compared to the normal Shotgun shots. Their main purpose is to repair buildings at range (but not destroy sappers, restock ammo, or repair the other teleporter), and at the cost of no metal. Then there is also the ability to pick up your building from far away, at the cost of 100 metal (half your total building resource, which can be restored). This saves your building, but creates a huge flash ...more

It's good if you have no time to go to your sentry in time after a spy sapped it, and cool how you can pick it up from far away. I'd say it's the best.

Metal is no longer important, just shoot the hell out of it to heal

It's good but the problem is it's clip size of 4 bullets.

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2 Wrangler

Wrangling a MINI SENTRY makes it almost have the same health as a heavy and if that's not enough then it also doubles the fire rate and it has unlimited range

This item is one the most OP weapons in the game. You get manual control over your sentry gun, and it gives it a shield that reduces damage it takes! - Storm

If you mixed this with a mini sentry, then all your opponents will hate you. But I like how you can have a shield, and how if you know there's a disguised spy, you shoot missles at it.

3 Jag

A wrench that is suited for Engineers who depends on their buildings a lot (most Engineers). Faster building speed and repair speed. - Storm

Its very useful for building sentries fast and repair and basically no down sides

4 The Windowmaker

Using this gun, you can now make your OWN windows!

I love windows, With this gun, I get to make em'

I am a engineer main and I use this weapon a lot. Why is this so low it should be at least slot 4, it's a good wep. as long as your steady with your shots you have a unlimited ammo supply. aim for the center mass and time your shots.

5 Gunslinger

Using this will make you a good fighter Engineer. 3 hits with this weapon gives you a critical hit and the mini-sentry is good in small areas. - Storm

The Gunslinger is good for crowd controlling, it has fast fire speed but has low damage.

Only costs 100 metal and builds fast

Why isn't It Like Above The Jag?
First Of
1. It Can Build Mini Sentries That Build Faster And Cost Less Metal
2. You Can Taunt Kill
3. Critical Strike If You Can Manage To Get 2 Hits In A Row
4. It can't Be Seen That Much
5. It Has Some Good Damage

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6 Pomson 6000

So intead of bullets, this thing shoots unreflectable energy projectiles. They are not too good at damage, being very similar to the Rescue Ranger bolts, except that they don't arc. The projectiles, though horrible at self defense compared to the default Shotgun, are easily spammable. People will be bombarded by a tonne of lowish damage bullets, which are very hard to predict. The gun has infinite reserve ammo, with 4 clip ammo. A weird downside to the projectiles is that they deal 80% less damage to buildings (Engineer's job to destroy buildings? ).

The main purpose of this gun is to reduce enemy Medics' ubercharge or enemy Spies' cloak meter by about 10% for ubers and 25% for cloak (I think? ). Useful for wasting enemy push attempts (bait them then shoot the Medic before he pops the uber) or for dealing with Dead Ringer spies. However, the thing drains less uber/cloak at range.

A glitch that still exists as of May 2016, is the ability to turn the projectiles invisible ...more

My god I have those weapons and I might troll someone like that with those weapons except the wrangler - SanicHeghog123

A shotgun that does not require ammo and makes Spies lose their cloak and Medics their ubercharge! Amazing! - Storm

7 Southern Hospitality

The reason this weapon doesn't get as much love as this deserves is because strange variants, where it only gets points for direct melee kills, but, it really doesn't need it, since the downside is negligible since you don't run into pyros when you're just working on your machines, and the random crits aren't that much of a problem since the shotgun takes down enemies, as well as the sentry. - psychiclion

Personal favorite. Gives you much power against Spies and a negligible two downsides: direct confrontations with Pyros are rare, and the Wrench doesn't need random crits; the Shotgun should be used for enemies anyway.

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8 Frontier Justice

Paired with the gunslinger, this baby will be your best friend, so long as you treat it with respect.

A great weapon that gets bonuses from your sentry. If your sentry gets destroyed, you gets crits for each kill your sentry made! You can use it to kill enemies and get to a safe place to build a new sentry again. - Storm

No it is to good to not to put in top 5 this plus gunslinger is op.

If you taunt, it makes a guitar kill. LOL

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9 Pistol

A great reliable weapon if u hit the enemy with a shotgun then u can finish him off with the pistol. Like the scout there r other great alternatives for the pistol such as the flying guillotine. For the engi a great alternative is the wrangler. But the pistol is stock so it's extremely reliable

10 Short Circuit

You can camp with your sentry and destroy all those dangerous rockets and bombs! - Storm

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11 The Shotgun (stock)

No excuse to use shotgun. Frontier justice or widow maker are gods in offense, and rescue range or pomson for defense.

12 Widowmaker

A shotgun best used on defense, but also good when paired up with the Gunslinger on offense!

It encourages you to be more accurate enough' said

Ok this thing is great so what if you lose 30 metal you get 60 back and if you are using you're shotgun a lot your not helping your sentry unless it is RR.

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13 Wrench (stock)

I'd say one of the few cases where stock isn't that great. Hospitality and jag are much better choices.

14 Eureka Effect V 2 Comments
15 Minigun

Not an engie weapon. Maybe person who created this meant the gatling guns on a lvl2/3 sentry?

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16 The Wangler

I think the wangler is too hard to use because enemy's move to fast you wont see anyone stood still unless they are AFK or at their teams spawn. Even though it does give your sentry a shield it would be better you letting the sentry on automatic and you repairing it when you can

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