Top 10 Team Fortress 2 Fan Songs

I've heard many awesome song's on the internet. BUT I LOVE TF2 FAN SONGS THEY ARE SUPER GOOD and today I'm making a list of the top 10 TF2 fan songs. To make the list it has to be fan made music original song remakes are not allowed. SO stop reading this and get on with the list.

The Top Ten

1 S.N.I.A - Piece a' Piss

I LOVE THIS I love the original song and this parody and I think it's beats them all. - TheScout2007

2 Boink Bonk

A parody of kasha's (was it? ) tik tok song. I hae nothing to say on this one it's just good to me. - TheScout2007

3 Heavy's Pizza Song

It's sort of like a dubstep but with heavy also the music was by THE LIVING TOMBSTONE! That's cool I mean it's just a good song and it's number 3. - TheScout2007

4 July First


5 September First

A good song WHICH IS AWESOME just look it up and you will see why I love that song. - TheScout2007

6 Bonkumiru

The FIRST AND ORIGINAL TF2 PARODY OF CHIRUMIRU. I think it's better than sandvichmiru. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG. now I know what your thinking you said NO remakes take note this is a remake of chirimiru not a tf2 song. - TheScout2007

7 Sandwichmiru

One of the parodys of chirimiru it's catchy and good. - TheScout2007

8 Texas Style

What if you had tf2 and mixed it with gangum style Texas style of course! It's just good NEXT! - TheScout2007

9 MMPH the Way You MMPH

This has the pyro WHO HATES THE PYRO. He is way better at singing than you think. A parody of love the way you lie mmph the way you mmph just makes love the way you lie look like crap. Also I don't like enimem that much. - TheScout2007

10 Demo Pan Song

This song is pretty funny and catchy. I don't have that much to say about it. The only thing that's setting it back is that it's a bit too catchy to where I uncontroliby sing it (yes I know I typoed). - TheScout2007

The Contenders

11 The Mann Co Symphony
12 I Hurt People
13 Sentry Beat
14 War!

Probably some of the most enjoyable voice mixing in any TF2 music video, up there with Heavy's Pizza Song.

15 Ka-Boom
16 Mr. Snortobeat

You make me stab
Make me F---
Make me *snort*
Slap my a--
Make me move
Make me stop!
You handsome devil. - mattstat716

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