Team Fortress 2 Teamwork Weapons

These are weapons that make people work together and help they're team. I will not include stock weapons or any mediguns.

The Top Ten

1 Mad Milk

You can throw at burning teammates or yourself to extinguish them or throw at enemies to heal 60% damage you do to them and even reveal cloaked spies. This is really good with the sun on a stick and a friendly pyro and if the pyro is using the neon annihilator he can crit enemies that you throw the milk on. - Tf2Lists

2 Sun on a Stick

You do critical hits on burning enemies and you take less damage from fire when active. This is normally a bad scout melee but when used with a friendly pyro this is a really fun weapon. - Tf2Lists

3 Crusader's Crossbow

You can heal teammates from range with it and also do a lot of damage. This weapons damage increases if the target is far away. - Tf2Lists

4 Disciplinary Action

Can give you and your teammates a speed boost when you hit them with it. - Tf2Lists

5 Sandvich

You can save your teammates or yourself with it. The best way of using this is to give it to your pocket medic when he is low on health. - Tf2Lists

6 Amputator

You heal everyone when you taunt with it and also you heal yourself faster when it's active. - Tf2Lists

7 Homewrecker

You can remove enemy sappers in 1 hit and do double the normal damage to buildings so it's great for helping out engineers. - Tf2Lists

8 Sydney Sleeper

You put jarate on enemies for 8 seconds with full charge so your team can kill them easily. you have 25% faster charge rate and you can even extinguish burning teammates when you shoot them with it. - Tf2Lists

9 Concheror

When you use it everyone on your team close to you gets a speed boost and heal damage they do. - Tf2Lists

10 Natasha

You can slow down enemies that you shoot so your team can kill them and also you get 20 damage resistance when it's spun up and you have less than 150 health. - Tf2Lists

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