Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014-2015 Rose Bowl

The Top Ten

1 Stanford

My favorite college football team and went to the rose bowl two times in a row, won against Wisconsin, then lost to Michigan state. THIS TEAM WILL WIN THE ROSE BOWL.

Stanford will bitch slap anyone

2 Ohio State

This team could have a chance of winning the rose bowl even though I don't like them at all and was glad they lost to Michigan state.

3 Michigan State Michigan State

They won the last rose bowl against Stanford so, I WOULD LOVE A REMATCH SO STANFORD COULD BEAT THEM.

4 Oregon

Is a great team, definitely could make it. BUT STANFORD IS MUCH BETTER!

5 Arizona State

This team has a 3% chance of winning the next rose bowl though

6 Michigan

This team and Arizona state both have a 3% chance of winning


Oregon will win the conference and be in the playoff. That means UCLA to the Rose Bowl and they should win. This is a top 10 team next year!

This team has a 2.75% chance of winning the rose bowl

8 Auburn

Even though it has been big ten and pac 12 winner face off, they might let auburn face a pac 12 team or big ten team.

9 Washington

I bet they wont even make the pac twelve championship but they can get an all star and kill the pac 12 teams up (which I bet wont happen because pac 12 have stanford, Oregon, ucla, Arizona state)

10 Penn State

Not even eligible but Penn State will win the Rose bowl anyway! We Are...

The Contenders

11 Wisconsin

They made it before a lot of times so...

12 Oklahoma
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